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logo iconWater Damage Restoration Gold Coast

Water damage is a serious problem that requires urgent action

Water Damage Restoration Gold Coast

logo pencilGold Coast’s Water Damage Restoration Specialists 

At South QLD Restoration, we understand the severity of water damage, which is why we work around the clock to respond as fast as we can to any commercial and residential callouts on the Gold Coast.

Water Damage Restoration Gold Coast

We live in a country that experiences natural disasters frequently, including bush fires, hazardous storms and flooding. In particular, the Gold Coast is subject to high-risk flooding. Over the years, our team have seen floods and torrential storms cause significant damage to Gold Coast locals’ homes and businesses.

This is why we’re here to help! Our qualified team is experienced in preserving the integrity of your property through our water damage restoration services. Whether your bath has overflown, or your house is completely flooded, our team can help you solve any water damage emergency.

logo pencilWhy Does Water Damage Require Professional Restoration Technicians?

Water damage is a serious problem that requires urgent action. The damage starts immediately from the moment your property becomes wet. If the problem is left uncared for, the damage will spread quickly.

Trying to restore water damage yourself is never the right course of action in a situation like this. You’ll need to call in the professionals and here’s why:

  • Professional water damage restoration technicians have industry equipment and knowledge. Professional technicians know how to respond promptly to any job. From the process to the equipment used and industry skills, professional technicians have the knowledge required to execute the process efficiently.
  • Depending on the source of water damage, there is a chance the water will have levels of contamination. If the water is grey or black, this is a sign it’s unsafe and unsanitary. Professional water damage technicians know how to handle situations where grey or black water occurs. If you try to handle water damage yourself, you put yourself at risk for potential health issues.
  • Water damage can most likely lead to mould growth. Mould can cause health issues and further damage to your home. Getting professionals to help means that they’ll know how to handle any mould that may appear.

logo pencilWhat Happens if Water Damage is Left Unattended? 

Water Damage Restoration Gold Coast

Flood water is one of the most prominent causes of water damage in the Gold Coast. Flood water is considered ‘black water’ and needs to be handled immediately. Here’s what happens if serious water damage is left unattended:

  • Properties that have been flooded can take weeks to dry out without any professional restoration services.
  • Water left unattended ­will lead to mould and bacteria growth
  • The structural foundations of a property will be damaged
  • The internal & external surfaces of the property will get contaminated with unsanitary water
  • Electrical equipment will corrode

logo pencilOur Water Damage Restoration Services for the Gold Coast

Our team at South QLD Restoration have the experience, skills and equipment required to restore water damage issues within a short period of time.

Water Damage Restoration Gold Coast

After receiving a call, our team will reach your property within 1 to 4 hours. Once we arrive, the following steps are taken to ensure all water damage is restored:

Step #1 – A walk-through inspection of the property is conducted to identify problematic areas.

Step #2 – Industry equipment is used to determine the severity of the water damage.

Step #3 – After determining the extent of water damage, we will discuss and decide the ideal drying plan for your situation. All drying processes adhere to the IICRC S500 International Standard.

Step #4 – The drying process begins. Our team monitors the process and adjusts the equipment if need be.

Step #5 – We complete a thorough property clean up.

Step #6 – The final steps of our service includes removing drying equipment and providing a written report for your insurance company.

Depending on the severity of the water damage, you may require other associated services for complete restoration:

logo pencilEmergency Water Damage Service for the Gold Coast 

At South QLD Restoration we provide a 24/7 emergency water damage service for the Gold Coast. We will respond to all calls at any time of the day and restore your water damage situation efficiently.

We know and understand the ramifications of leaving water damage unattended, which is why we guarantee an urgent response time. Our vans are equipped and ready to go. So, give us a call and we’ll be on our way.

logo pencilOur Water Damage Restoration Prices

Call Out

$195 (includes the first hour of labour)


$85 per hour

Air movers

$33 per day/per mover


$88.00 per day/per unit

Air scrubbers

$77 per day/per unit


Quoted on site

logo pencilTrust South QLD Restoration with your Water Damage Needs on the Gold Coast

Our team understands how stressful water damage can be. We will respond to your call immediately and extract the water from your property, complete a clean-up and restore any affected areas. Through our thorough water damage restoration services, we are able to bring your property back to its original condition.

If you have water damage, call us FAST!