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Vinyl – Strip and Seal

Vinyl Strip and Seal Services

Vinyl strip and seal

The vinyl floor looks magnificent and people are tending to opt for this option greatly because of his low-quality maintenance and low installation charge. However, with time the vinyl floor tends to lose its shine and lustre when the sealant is scuffed off because of wear and tear and dirt accumulation. Over time, dirt starts to ingrain on the sealant that leads to scraping of the surface and thus the lustre is lost. It requires proper maintenance as discolouration is also an issue if the ineffective or incorrect cleaning solution is used. Wax building can also lead to damaging of the floor. If the sealant is not re-applied within the time, the underlying flooring material will incur permanent damage and deterioration in durability is evident.

South QLD Restoration uses high quality and quick application stripping solution that is specifically designed to remove the old floor polish. After the old polish is completely removed, we go on with sealer application that it creates a new layer of protection on the vinyl floor. Stripping solution helps in eliminating the older polish that requires some time to work. With the application of the stripping solution, the underlying layer softens and scrubbing removes the layer. We use slow speed polisher that makes sure that there is no residue of old polish.

After the surface is free from any old sealant residue, we move on towards neutralisation that balances the pH level of the floor. Drying is an important process after this that readies the floor for the application of another layer of high-quality sealant. We will be applying multiple layers of sealer and once satisfied with the entire look buffing makes it even more glossy and polished. After the conclusion of the entire process, you will find the vinyl flooring to be exactly the same as it was when it was new.

What is vinyl stripping and sealing?

Stripping and sealing process is specifically meant for a vinyl floor that requires a protective layer to safeguard it from wear and tear. Stripping is a process where the old layer is removed. The number of layers requiring removing depends on the condition of the floor. After the stripping is over, it is time to clean the floor and eliminate any contaminating agents that will be stuck to the floor permanently in the next process if not taken out. In the next process, resealing is undertaken that creates another protective layer and gives a glossy finish to the floor. Depending on the condition of the floor, the stripping process may involve just removing some top layers and application of a new layer. It can also include removal of all the layers and resealing the floor entirely. If your vinyl floor is thoroughly maintained for years you may not require a complete strip-down and only application of a top layer is sufficient for an effective outcome. The stripping and sealing depend on the amount of footfall on floor that it confronts over the years.

Apart from vinyl, terrazzo floors also require sealant for protection from scratches, wear and tear and regular cleaning. South QLD Restoration is serving for vinyl strip and seals in Brisbane and Gold Coast for many years and so we exactly know what will best suit your requirement. We utilise superior quality fast-acting slow stripping solution that makes the work easier.


Just stripping and application of a sealant is not going to help the floor to sustain the pressure in the long run. This is where polishing comes into play. Vinyl floors are structured to be highly durable and strong and so it requires good quality maintenance as well. South QLD Restoration works on residential and commercial properties providing a perfect finish. After the floor is stripped off the older sealant, a new high-quality sealant is applied and this is not the end of the work. To give the floor its shine and lustre it comes to polishing. After the sealant is completely dry and hard, it is time to polish for achieving the high shine. Polishing element is used along with buffering leaving behind a high gloss finish.

When do you require floor stripping and sealing?

The regularity of stripping and sealing depends on the utilisation of the area. Commercial areas like airport and train stations welcome heavy traffic throughout the year and hence require stripping and resealing every year or so. But, in a residential property once a sealant is applied it is good to go for the next 3 to 10 years depending on how much traffic it sees. Stripping also depends on the quality of sealer and efficiency while application. Professionally done stripping and sealing will serve you longer saving time and money.

Types of service we offer

We offer three kinds of services for vinyl strip and seal. Depending on the present condition of the vinyl floor, we will assist you in getting the best service at an affordable rate.

Gold service

If you want a stripping and sealant that will work wonders for a long term, there is no other service like our gold service. In this process, we apply up to eight sealant coats for durability against wear and tear and scratches.

Silver service

The entire process is similar to the gold service only with a difference that is, only five sealant protective coatings is applied as compared to eight in the earlier one. We will also apply three polish coatings for better protection and durability if required.

Bronze service

This is the basic vinyl coating service that we offer. We create a three coating protective sealant that helps in maintaining the durability and shine of the floor.

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