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Vinyl – Strip & Seal

Vinyl Strip & Seal Services

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Of Primary Importance: Make sure Your floor’s protected.

Over time, the seal on your floor will wear away, leaving your floor unprotected. For vinyl, wood and natural stone floors, spills in the kitchen may seep into your floor and cause permanent damage, including etching and staining. But we have an answer for you.

Cleaning vinyl floors is an essential part of maintaining their quality and longevity. Vinyl flooring requires periodic maintenance and just like a carpet needs regular professional cleaning, a vinyl floor will need a deep clean or a strip and seal. The wear and tear of everyday life together with the hundreds of feet passing over the floor annually can lead to a dull appearance ingrained with dirt and elements. It is good practice that hard floor maintenance is carried out on a planned basis as this will protect the top surface from becoming scratched and worn.

Whether in your home or office, the maintenance of vinyl floors is essential. Regular residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services helps to maintain vinyl floors, however, specialist vinyl stripping and sealing is required to keep your floors looking new.

Strip it back and protect the surface

This is where vinyl strip and seal services come in. To ensure durability, most vinyl floors will have some form of seal on the top. This covers and protects the floor, helping it to last longer and withstand the stress which it encounters in everyday life.

With a strip and seal clean, the upper surface is stripped and removed using specially designed tools and solutions. The cleaner is left to soften the existing seal and then scrubbed thoroughly using a slow-speed polisher with a stripping pad to remove all of the seal and expose the floor below.

The floor beneath is then cleaned and treated with specialised cleaning fluid to achieve a deep and thorough clean, before being ‘neutralised’ with a solution that contains a PH-neutralising additive to help preserve longevity. The surface is then thoroughly dried, and fresh layers of high quality sealer are added.

South QLD Restoration offer strip and seal services for all floors. The vinyl strip and seal process involves us stripping your floor of its previous layer of sealant using a safe stripping agent to remove all ingrained dirt from within the vinyl surface including any textured or embossed surfaces. Once the vinyl has been thoroughly deep cleaned and stripped back removing all contaminants and residues, we need to neutralise and rinse the floor allowing it to dry fully before applying any protective coating. Only then do we apply the new protective layer. When a future spill should occur, the residue will sit on top of the floor rather than being absorbed and makes the spill easy to wipe away.

Strip, Seal and Polish

Although vinyl floors are designed to be extremely durable, they require a level of maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. South QLD Restoration offer both residential and commercial floor maintenance services that rejuvenate and revitalise your hard floors. These services include floor stripping, refinishing, sealing and once floors are totally dry, a high shine polishing. This means the floor is buffed to leave a high gloss finish to restore the look of your floors’ surface and make them appear as good as new.

South QLD Restoration will provide a professional, personalised service totally tailored to you.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Strip and Seal

As a professional floor maintenance company, we are familiar with carrying out strip & seals, deep cleans and maintenance cleaning in a variety of industries from multi-site retail, stadiums, industrial, offices, shopping centres, car showrooms, healthcare centres, hospitals, residential properties and more.

Often recommended for the commercial sector is a more permanent sealant to be applied such as a PU sealer which typically involves the application of 2-3 coats. This will protect your vinyl floor for a much longer period of time against scratches and loss of appearance. This option is aimed at the commercial sector due to extreme traffic levels. The cost is generally higher for these types of permanent sealing products, they will prevent frequent strip & seal procedures and will only require deep cleaning on a periodic basis which results in lower maintenance costs.

If you require hard floor cleaning, strip & sealing, deep cleaning or floor maintenance services, contact us for our professional advice and a no obligation quotation.

gold service

Gold Service

Our preferred & recommended service offering the best long term result providing eight coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor for longer.

This includes 5 coats of sealer polish (if required).

silver service

Silver Service

Silver Service is an alternative service: this service offers a great result providing five coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor.

This includes 3 coats of sealer polish (if required).

bronze service

Bronze Service

Bronze Service is a basic service: this service provides a good result offering three coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor.

This includes 2 coats of sealer polish (if required).

Our Hard Surface Cleaning Process


Pre-Inspection Evaluation

On arrival, our trained technicians will carry out a detailed evaluation on your vinyl type and condition to identify the correct process and cleaning agents to use. This will take a bit of time as they need to identify areas that have stains or heavier build up plus check for any tiles that may be loose or with failing grout.

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Area Prepapartion / Movement of Furniture

In some instances we may not need to move furniture out of the room but instead work around it. Generally one technician can handle furniture moving with the assistance of specially designed furniture straps and furniture sliders. If there are a number of larger or heavier items, we will make sure we have the manpower to handle that without any risk of damage. However, as noted above, if required we can move heavier items such as pianos, pool tables, dining tables, etc. It is important for you to know that items with a flat surface base that comes into direct contact with the vinyl floors, cannot be placed back until the floor sealing is completely dry. We are happy to move such items but you will need to arrange for them to be put back after the seal has had a day or two to harden and dry completely. For any areas that may have a chance of being effected by the seal, we will protect and tape those.

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Dry Soil Sweep & Vacuum

We know you have already vacuumed before we arrive but this is an essential step. As such, we use a hospital-grade SEBO, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filtration commercial vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush head. This is a commercial grade machine capable of lifting far more soil and debris than a domestic vacuum cleaner. It is vital that we move any grit and soil to avoid any harsh rubbing compound build up in the cleaning process.

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Stripping The Floor

The appropriate stripper solution is applied onto the floor allowing sufficient time to soften any polish and the seal. Once complete the stripper is extracted with an extraction machine. If the vinyl is in a more serious state, our technicians would have noted this in the inspection and advised that we would really need to use our heavy-duty service option.

thumbs vinyl stripper



For this process we will use a slow speed polisher with a stripping pad to remove any existing layers of the old sealer. Depending on vinyl condition, we may need to go over the floor more than one pass.

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Cleaning – Neutralising – Deodorising

Once the stripping is completed the floors are cleaned, surfaces neutralised with a PH Neutralising Additive Solution and completely dried with our centrifugal hot air movers.

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This is a very important process in that we need to apply a suitable high quality sealer that will be the most effective for your vinyl and add a minimum three layers. We always suggest to apply more layers than less as this will last much longer before having to reseal the vinyl floor.

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Additional Services Available

vinyl heavy duty clean

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning

If your Vinyl is a little the worse for wear or in a high traffic commercial zone it could be that a heavy duty clean may be required. This process will require a far more potent stripping agent and a considerably longer period of time agitating the floor to achieve a good finish. There are situations where the clean will need to be done twice.

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Price upon quotation and inspection.


vinyl buffing

Buffing The Floors

If it is just a floor buffing you want without a strip and clean, we have a floor buffer specifically designed for just that task. While the floor should be cleaned before buffing, the squeegees in the back of this buffer help gather any dirt and moisture that are left behind. While buffing will restore some gloss and smoothness to your floors, it does not achieve the same wet-look shine that burnishing will achieve in the full strip and clean option.

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$6.60 per m2 for a basic clean / $9.90 per m2 for detailed clean

Cost for Seal & Buff:
$15.50 per m2

100 Guarantee

Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

  • We offer a prompt and professional service.
  • We continue to invest heavily back into our business to ensure we always have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
  • All technicians are fully trained and attend refresher courses on a regular basis.
  • Technicians also attend information seminars for new product releases.
  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
  • After Hours Emergency Services available and just one call away.

South QLD Restoration are a well-respected carpet care company in all of South East Queensland and in any other regions to which we have contracted our services. We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in our industry and take immense pride in the testimonials we hold as furnished by hundreds of satisfied customers.