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Have you spotted a crack or a chipped tile recently? If you think you can fix it yourself, you can try to do so. However, if you want the floor to retain its pristine condition, try hiring the professional team from South QLD Restoration. We have years of experience and are equipped with advanced tools and technologies to repair any kind of issues related to tiles. We will provide a cent per cent satisfactory service in any of the areas like floors, walls, swimming pools or roofs. Nothing is impossible for us to fix when it comes to tiles. In Brisbane, we are the reputed tile repairs agency.

Why should you hire professionals and not attempt the work yourself?

You must have seen several videos and read through oodles of instructions which takes you through a step by step procedure of how to install tiles. But there is a high risk of breakage of tiles as they are very fragile and needs to be handled with care. This is where you will be needing professionals like South QLD Restoration team in Brisbane for tile repairs.

While attempting the solution yourself you may damage the tiles by using wrong adhesive or tools. You may even misunderstand the instructions or have trouble in placing the tiles at the curves. We have the correct idea and tools to undertake the work with responsibility. We can go around the corners with precise cut so that the piece fits perfectly.

We at South QLD Restoration, have been trained, certified and insured to carry on the work of installing and tiles repairing. Be it in the interior or exterior, we will assist you in getting the right tiles as per your convenience. We also work at replacing the tiles while matching the design so that it doesn’t look out of place.

What makes us special in the field of tiles repairing?

South QLD Restoration is known as a reputed Brisbane tile repairs team working in various tiles services. Some of the services which we provide include:

Tiles and grout cleaning making it spotless

Re-grouting of the old and worn down grouts

Stripping off the old and damaged tiles from any part of residential and commercial establishments

Colouring of the discoloured grouts

Repairing of the damaged and chipped off tiles

Instructions on maintaining the tiles for prolonged durability

Cleaning and washing of tiles and grouts
You can hire our efficient team to work on any kinds of tiles like ceramic, porcelain, granite, terracotta, vinyl, sandstone to name a few.

We provide service on different kinds of tiles

Bathroom floors and walls which are prone to getting damp

Clean and wash kitchen splashbacks and tops to eradicate the oil spills

Any tiles throughout the entire property like driveways, floors and retaining walls

We undertake pressure washing to eradicate tough stains and spills

Removing a damaged tile and replacing it by a brand new tile so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Tile repairs for your residential or commercial property

Even when tiles have been professionally cleaned, if they are chipped cracked or broken, they will still look out of place and make the space look messy and dull. With our Brisbane tile repairs services and tile cleaning services, we can help you completely transform the tiles in your commercial or residential property!

No tile repairs job is big or too small for our experienced team

Our team have the expertise to tackle all your tile repair needs, be they big or small. While we’re there mending your tiles, chat to us about our grout sealing services, tile cleaning and grout cleaning services without hesitation. Whatever the issues you are having with your flooring, we can work out a solution for you that will have your tiles look new again.

Silicone Seal Repair and Replacement

South QLD Restoration can remove mould, fungus, old worn, dirty silicone and replace them with new silicone from your shower bases, taps, bath accessories and even tiles if any. Silicone seal replacement will provide new clean look to your bath, shower, basins and kitchen sinks as well. This will also prevent your home from unexpected water damage.

We have regular maintenance contracts available

If you are a real estate or own several commercial or residential properties and need a one-stop restoration agency, South QLD Restoration can help! We can take care of everything from tile repairs right through to carpet cleaning and pest control! When you work with us, you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your maintenance or emergency repairs will be taken care of by licensed professionals with years of experience.

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