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Residential Carpet Cleaning – Standard Carpet Clean Service

Standard Carpet Cleaning Service

Standard Carpet Clean

There are different kinds of carpet cleaning services one of which is standard carpet clean service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Homeowners favour this as it freshens the carpet revitalising it to the optimum level. It is not just applicable to the carpets but we also provide the service for upholstery as well.  Standard carpet cleaning service will be beneficial after your tenant leaves your investment property or you are moving out of a rental property. In most of the cases, the owners would like to have a clean carpet when the tenant is moving out of the property. This is not just a wish but it is also written in some rental agreements.

When you hire us for a standard carpet cleaning service, we will start with a proper pre-cleaning inspection that will result in our recommendation on themost beneficial cleaning service for you. Our trained and experienced cleaners will take a look at various carpets in the property and note down the areas of concern. They will also take note of the fibres and soiling condition of the carpets in different rooms. In the case of permanent staining, we will advise you on further procedures that will remove the stain completely. Hire the best standard carpet cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast for an affordable and guaranteed price.

Steps we follow in standard carpet cleaning service


Removing dry dirt

One of the important steps of carpet cleaning is removing dry dirt or soil. If we don’t remove the soil, it will get mushy when we apply steam or hot water. Vacuuming through the carpet to remove all the loose dirt from the surface making it ready for the next step.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Checklist


Deodorising and pre-spraying

South QLD Restorations team will next start to deodorise the carpet to remove any stain or odour (including pet odour). We use eco-friendly solutions and agents that are safe on different kinds of carpet materials. Wool carpets can also undergo deodorisation without the fear of wear and tear.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Furniture Moving


Hot Water Extraction

After the carpet is devoid of any loose soil, we move on to the hot water extraction process. This process flushes out and sanitises the carpet thoroughly. Regulating the pressure and heat in the hot water extraction makes the carpet reach its pristine condition. This process also sanitises the carpet and does not wet the carpet excessively.

Residential Carpet Cleaning


Maintaining the pH balance

Under no circumstances do we jeopardise the pH balance of the carpet and the fabric. We make it a point to measure the normal pH level of the fabric that is also recommended by carpet manufacturers as well. We go on accomplishing this process while extracting the dirt and rinsing it. We may even apply additional coating spray to soften the carpet and make it dust-free.

Carpet Spot Treatment Services


Drying the carpet

After the process is over, we move on to the drying process. In this procedure, we complete a thorough drying process of the carpet so that there is no dripping issue after we leave the premises. South QLD Restoration make sure your house is in pristine condition and everything is in its respective place before we leave your property.

Carpet Cleaning Services


Final Inspection

After everything is completed, our technician will review the entire project to record the cleaning result. We will make sure that the client is happy with the overall work and loves it. We will also make sure that our work meets the industry standards without fail.

Carpet Cleaning Steam Cleaning Services

Why should you choose South QLD Restoration over other carpet cleaning agencies?

We not only focus on cleaning the carpets but also educate you on the work that will be done on your property. Once you are aware of the entire cleaning procedure you will never fall prey to other deceitful companies. We are confident about our service and behaviour towards our clients. I don’t believe in misleading clients and exaggerating about our services. When you opt for Standard Carpet Clean Service in Brisbane and Gold Coast from South QLD Restoration, you can be assured of good quality service.

Our carpet cleaning process

Pre inspection – We make sure to look into all the issues your carpet is facing so that we can evaluate the methodologies that we are going to follow to remove all the dirt and dust. Only professional carpet cleaners will visit your place for proper evaluation and advice.

Moving of furniture – We will take utmost care and follow all company procedures to move your furniture from the carpet before commencing carpet cleaning.

Conditioning and spotting – We will take extra care to remove any spotting and stain. We apply detergent and hot water that starts working immediately to removeany tough stains.

Vacuuming – An initial vacuuming is necessary to remove any loose dirt and dust from the carpet fibres. We use hospital graded vacuuming so that you get the best result.

Rotary agitation – This one of a kind machine has a soft brush and is specifically designed to remove any loose soil accumulation over the carpet. Using this process removes 50% of the dirt and helps to get deep into the fibres during hot water extraction.

Steam extraction – Through this procedure, heat is generated, resulting in a cleaner and dryer carpet every time. We may even use portable rotary steam extractor for smaller jobs resulting in a more affordable price.

Allergy treatment – We also perform allergy treatment of the carpet to remove any harmful pollens or bacteria that can be a prime factor in allergy.

The final grooming – We look forward to resetting the carpet pile and make sure that the carpet is dried within hours.

To know about our services ring on 1300 762 021 or drop your queries at info@southqldrestoration.com.au. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and offer the best solution as per your requirement. In case any additional steps are required, we will outline it to you and work accordingly. We will definitely find you the best solution for a standard carpet clean in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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