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Carpet Colour Repairs – Spot Dyeing Carpets & Rugs

Spot Dyeing Carpets & Rugs

Spot Dyeing

Spot dyeing carpets rugs

South QLD Restoration has the trained and experienced team members who can work effortlessly on spot dyeing of carpets and rugs in Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We have the perfect solutions and equipment to work on residential and commercial buildings and offer our services on carpet and rug dyeing, colouring and restoration. Depending on the work to be put, we will give you cost-effective ways to restore your carpet and rugs instead of replacing them with a brand new one. You can work on dyeing the carpets and rugs to enhance the overall look and feel of the interior or in case; they are damaged due to some unavoidable situation. Some of the situation that can lead to carpet discolouration and physical damage includes:

  • Fading from exposure to sun rays.
  • The residue of bleaching agent on the carpet after cleaning
  • Bloodstains
  • Food and liquor spills
  • Urine stains from toddlers and pets
  • Apart from dying the carpets and rugs, we also work on removing the odour through deodorisation.

We always recommend not carrying the spot dyeing work all by yourself as it can lead to further damage to the carpet.

Should you replace the carpet or dye it?

It is one of the toughest questions to answer for carpet owners – in case of accidental staining, what to do with the carpet! Should you change it or dye it! It is an undeniable fact that investing in a carpet requires some form of study or else you can incur debt. Rugs are expensive and it is no less than a proper investment. They can range from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the size, material and brand. One of the simplest solutions is to dye your carpet and rugs that decreases the investment by 60% to 70%.

Some of the issues, which cannot be fixed through dyeing, are burnt mark and tattered or torn carpets. If your carpet has been exposed to sewage water, we recommend you replace it looking forward to hygiene and health.

We offer 100% satisfaction

South QLD Restoration is efficient in spot dyeing carpets rugs and we vouch to offer high-quality craftsmanship with unmatched quality and timely delivery. All the colours and dyes we use are eco-friendly, permanent and helps in enhancing the life of your carpet.

What can you expect from our spot dyeing carpets rugs service!

Work on complete colour dyeing

If your carpet is not suiting your home decor any more or it seems old fashioned and you are looking for a change, dyeing the carpet or rug is the best option in low budget rather than replacing the entire carpet and investing more. You will be saving thousands of dollars when you choose to change the colour of your carpet rather than replacing it with a new one. You will experience a new interior right away.

Repairing of bleach spots

Certain chemical agents can lead to extensive bleaching effect that can alter the colour of the carpet and lead to discolouration. Bleaching can cause chemical reactions from peroxide, oxi-cleaning, whiteners, acid, sunrays and urine stains. We will have a look at the situation and create similar dye matching with the original colour. We work on spot dyeing of carpets and rugs and even can create new designs if the bleaching effect is extended widely.

Removing of stains

Stains can happen at any time and work on them with home remedies can give no result at all. Wine, coffee, food spills, ink, blood and fruit juice can be hard to get over with and so only professionals can work on them to eradicate. We have an eye for every detail and so we will even make sure to remove any unsightly stains and discolouration that occur without your notice.

Odour and stain removal

Odour can happen from urine and so treating it in the fastest way is the need of the hour. Professionals will immediately clean the surface and make it hygienic along with preventing the damage to the carpet or rug. Urine tends to bleach the carpet due to its higher pH level. We will work towards limiting the bleaching effect along with colour correcting the spot and applying custom dyes. We will also look into the issue of staining and remove it with the possible treatments. You will not be able to spot the difference between the original carpet colour and the new design in the bleached place. Our team is efficient in blending the newly applied dye correctly with the adjacent design and shade.

Rejuvenating the carpet

Rugs and carpets are definitely very expensive and investing in one of them need financial planning. Hence,a lot of our clients opt for colour restoration so that they don’t have to invest in a new rug yet get the best rug in their interior that enhances the overall outlook of the property. Boost up the look of your interiors with a new colour scheme through spot dyeing carpets and rug in Brisbane and Gold Coast. It is an economical approach alternate to getting a new carpet.

Why should you restore the rug rather than buy a new one?

  • Carpets have a long lifespan and they need maintenance rather than replacing. With professional help, it will bounce back to life yet again. We will make sure the carpet look similar to its original form.
  • All you need is regular vacuuming and an annual professional carpet cleaning that ensures that your carpet lives another 10-15 years before being replaced.
  • Your carpet does not require replacing in case of spill or bleach. Professionals can help you retain the carpet in its original form by removing or dyeing it with a similar colour. If your carpet has experienced spills or staining from blood, wine, bleach, fading and urine, seek professional help immediately to restore and restrict any further damage.
  • Spot dyeing of carpets and rugs is one of the skilful ways to prevent premature replacement of a warm carpet.

We are ready to work on your property

South QLD Restoration is ready to start working on your property and restore the carpets that require professional attention. We are presently working in Brisbane and Gold Coast and anyone living near these places can get in touch with us right now. We will deliver a high-quality result that is hard to detect for any abnormalities. Call us on 1300 762 021 and have a talk with our experts for any carpet related issues. You can also send us your issues on info@southqldrestoration.com.au and we will revert as soon as possible.

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