Special Services

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure CleaningOur licensed professionals can use high pressure cleaning to cleanse your patio, walkways and sidewalks made of bricks or pavers.

This high pressure washing method is very effective and will brighten up the surfaces, making them look brand new again.

Pressure cleaning is especially good if you get a lot of wind that blows debris around these areas. Whatever size the job it, remember, if it’s dirty we will clean it.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway CleaningHome owners and business owners often request to have their driveways cleaned with high pressure water blasting.

This cleaning method works well on bricks, pavers and concrete. And the difference is undeniable.

It will clear away debris and rid the driveway of oil from cars and other residue from trees or foliage.

Pet Urine Stains

Pet Urine StainsSay no to that pet smell! We are able to remove most pet smells, including those pungent pet urine stains, from your carpet when you have it cleaned (provided you haven’t tried to clean it yourself already).

Your carpet will smell and look better then it has in years and can be refreshed and revitalised!

Our licensed and fully insured operators will advise you if the stains are persistent or present any problem, but usually these types of stains can be removed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair RemovalLong haired pets, like fluffy cats or shedding dogs, often leave hair all over the carpet and upholstered furniture in homes. Pet owners know just how difficult this is to get out.

Our professional operators are licensed and fully insured to treat the carpet and remove the pet hair. However, unless you move your furry family member outside, this will be an ongoing problem that will need to be addressed on a regular basis.