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Water Damage Restoration

WATER DAMAGE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM Do not be complacent about this. Water damage of any description is a serious problem and even more so i

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

TILE CLEANING and GROUT CLEANING SPECIALISTS These specialists will breathe new life into your floor and wall tiles. Whilst regular mopping

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Mould Removal

MOULD IN YOUR HOME? YOU NEED US FAST! There is a belief that mould will only grow in bathrooms. Whilst that is partly true you need to kno

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Upholstery Cleaning

YOUR UPHOLSTERY IS NOT AS TOUGH AS YOU THINK Have you ever thought about hiring a professional upholstery cleaner? If you think about, you

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Carpet Cleaning

 EXTEND CARPET LIFE WITH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Carpet can be  found in most homes but given our climate, it is generally in the bedrooms.

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Pest Control

PEST CONTROL IS A NECESSITY TO MAINTAIN HYGIENE Living in the Sunshine State, we enjoy warmer summers and mild winters. Unfortunately, thi

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Commercial Cleaning

PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL CARPET and TILE CLEANING A carpet can give your office, retail outlet or hotel that extra luxurious touch, but when

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Tile Repairs

THE EFFICIENT TEAM FOR ANY TILE REPAIRS Tiles are a versatile floor covering and look great. That is until they get damaged! They are no

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Pressure Cleaning

TILES, PATIOS, DECKS, DRIVEWAYS, ROOFS - ALL BACK TO LIFE If your driveway is covered in oil stains, your deck or your courtyard tiles are

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Special Services

  NOW FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT In addition to those 10 core business services listed in our Services Menu we also offer a range of

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