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Residential Carpet Cleaning


Residential Carpet Cleaning

When you want a deep cleaning of your residential carpet, trust in South QLD Restoration. With the utilisation of advanced technologies, we are offering clean and faster drying carpets to our clients. After experiencing our residential carpet cleaning service, you and your family will experience a healthier life.

All of our carpet cleaning processes have proven to remove allergens and bacteria from every fabric. We are presently active in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so if you’re looking for professional residential carpet cleaning service you can get in touch with us by calling on 1300 762 021. Alternatively you can email your queries through to info@southqldrestoration.com.au as well for a free quote.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, tension is critical, as you don’t want the fabric to be matted or withered. We take utmost care to remove any sort of dirt and dust and depending on the fabric and make.We use different processes to deliver the best carpet cleaning service to our clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, see the South QLD Restoration difference. We have had our processes lab-tested, the results showed that our procedure removes 99% of common allergens that includes mites and pet dander. Our procedure also removes 80% of harmful bacteria from the carpet. With South QLD Restoration by your side, you and your family will have a better living standard with clean carpets in your home.

What do we have to offer?

Drier carpets

South QLD Restoration uses different techniques to give you drier carpets devoid of any dribbles. We are able to achieve this success because our techniques use less water as compared to other cleaning procedures. You can expect the carpets to dry out within a few hours. No need to plan a whole day out of the house just to have the carpets professionally cleaned. We offer premium and professional residential carpet cleaning in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Have a talk with our experts to know the benefits of choosing us for your carpet cleaning needs.

Cleaner carpets

Our sole motto is offering a cleaner carpet every time we work at a residence. We specifically use carbonated solution that works wonders and looks like sparkling water. We have been using this solution for a long time as it penetrates deep into the carpet fibres. The solution is so intense that it reaches the deepest part of the fabric and loosens the dirt. Removal of dirt requires a powerful industrial graded vacuum cleaner which we have invested in to deliver the best result. You will not find a speck of single dirt or dust residue after the clean-up. Your carpet is going to stay cleaner for a long time.

Healthier carpet cleaning

We have devised different ways to deal with dirty carpets. We use less water for carpet cleaning that restricts the growth of moulds and mildews. Bacteria and fungi are bound to grow if there is water residue in the carpet fabric, especially underneath it. We use certified low-water intake cleaning methods and solutions that do not contain any chemicals or harsh detergents. This makes our cleaning process non-toxic and much safer for your family and pets.

Move Out Carpet Cleaning Service

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Standard Carpet Cleaning Service

residential carpet clean standard
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Premium Care Carpet Cleaning Service

residential premium clean
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How we take care of the fabrics

Cleaning of the carpet is not the end of the service, as we make sure that anything we are using is safe for your carpet as well. We will be using different elements that remove deep stains and rejuvenates the durability of your carpet fibres as well.

Power Guard: This element is utilised quite a lot of time to prep a carpet with a shield efficient in abstaining from getting dirty and stained. This work wonders with dyed carpets.

Stain repellent: Element like repel protectant is admissible in all kinds of carpets irrespective of the make. It forms a protective shield around the carpet fibres that repels any liquids. So, you are not going to have any liquid stains in your carpet for a long time. With the repellent applied, you will have ample time to soak up the liquid before it gets deeper into the fibre.

Protecting wool: Specifically made for woolen carpets, wool protection guard is soft on wool but tough on stains. We use it on wool carpets and rugs that repels liquid spills and stains.

Removal of allergens and bacteria from carpet

Is someone in your home affected by allergy or asthma? Carpets and rugs are a sweet spot for the allergens and bacteria to breed and thus bringing down the air quality in your home. South QLD Restoration dedicatedly works on enhancing the air quality indoors by removing harmful germs and bacteria. If you have pets or children, you must be knowing how intriguingly they like playing on the carpet. However, the carpet attracts allergens and germs quite a lot and hence, it requires thorough cleaning regularly to remove the foreign particles. We use tested and effective methods that have proven to increase the air quality inside a room by removing any particles from the carpet that otherwise pollutes the air.

Reducing allergens and bacteria through sanitisation and deodorising

  • We apply effective sanitisers to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs that can spread diseases and pollute interior air.
  • We utilise specific ways to eliminate pet dangers, dust mites, pollen, pests etc.
  • Our deodoriser not only removes odours but also eliminates them from the root.

We offer trusted residential carpet cleaning service in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Get in touch with our experts to know more about different procedures we put to use for a durable and cleaner carpet. You will get a cleaner and healthier environment after completion of our service.

Under the patronage of our director David Hall, South QLD Restoration has garnered a fantastic reputation in South East Queensland. We have been actively associated with residential cleaning for many years and clean hundreds of carpets a year. We use hot carbonated solution for deep cleaning and utmost impact. All of our solutions are green certified which means they are non-polluting and safer for humans and pets. We have different kinds of packages and depending upon your requirement, we offer effective service. You can opt for move out cleaning, standard service or premium care depending on the intensity of the dirt accumulated over time and occasion. At the end of the service, we offer a complete report on the work.

Some Frequently Asked Questions around Carpet Cleaning

How can I create a carpet cleaning solution at home with available things?

There is no substitute for professionally graded equipment and cleaning agents. You can, however, clean your carpet regularly to keep visible dirt away. South QLD Restoration used green-certified solutions and agents that are hard on germs yet soft on humans and pets. We even use HEPA filters to keep airborne allergens at bay.

How can I clean car carpets?

Car carpets attract a lot of dirt, dust, stains and spills. It is recommended that you take aid from cleaning professionals like South QLD Restoration for effective and deep cleaning of the dirty carpets. Alternatively, you can regularly vacuum them to keep the dust and dirt at bay. To remove oil stains and grease you need industrially graded agents available only with us.

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Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Trained and certified cleaners at your service
  • Quick and professional service every time
  • Usage of advanced technology to offer effective and best cleaning service
  • After hour emergency service
  • Our employees undergo extensive training regularly to keep up with the newer processes
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation service in all projects