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Leather & Vinyl Services – Pet Scratch Repair

Leather & Vinyl Pet Scratch Repairs

Pet Scratch Repair

It’s fair to say that your adorable furry friend may not be a good friend of your leather lounge and it is inevitable that your pet will scratch your lounge!

For those of us with pets who bring joy into our lives, we know how careful we have to be when it comes to their contact with our leather or vinyl furniture. We do our best by placing rugs or some other form of protection on the furniture but if a dog’s claws are long enough then they might end up doing some damage to your car seat or your lounge. And cat claws are generally a whole lot sharper and are virtually guaranteed to do some damage to leather and vinyl couches, ottomans or any other furniture you might have that your cat decides is good for a ‘claw-cleaner’.

Your leather or vinyl furniture will show any pet claw damage easier than most other furnishing fabrics. You may think that this damage is very extensive and that your couch has been destroyed. But don’t give up hope just yet! Leather is a versatile material that has the ability to bond to itself, and this makes repairs to surface scratches relatively simple. Even deeper scratches may be fixed or disguised so the piece of furniture looks as good as new. And then you have South QLD Restoration on hand who are here to tell you that any damage done by a pet can be repaired.

But it is not only our pets that will scratch your lounge. No matter how careful you are around your leather or vinyl furniture, it’s very common for leather furniture to get scratches due to normal everyday use. Whilst this is especially the case if you live in a household with pets but what about our small children? It’s nearly impossible to keep leather furniture from being scratched over time.

  • Dogs might walk over your couches and leave footprints.
  • If you’ve got a puppy then it’s likely that they’ll chew on your furniture.
  • Cats deal the most destructive damage, as many cats like to pull on furniture with their claws.
  • Jean studs are not always smooth or attached firmly and can push sideways into your furniture fabric
  • Zippers seem to be everywhere these days on tops, pants, trouser legs, back pockets, side pockets and they are all complete with multiple sharp edges.
  • Then there are items such as scissors that are left beside you on the lounge while you are working on a project and then get sat on or played with by a child.

Scratch Prevention

Pets—Cats jumping up on leather furniture often leave claw marks, and more than a few pet owners have been horrified to find marks left by a teething puppy!  If pets are allowed on the furniture, it’s a good idea to place a blanket where they lay. A comfy pet cushion right nearby (but off the sofa!) is another good option for keeping your pet happy–and your furniture in good shape!

Clothing and shoes—Metal parts on clothing such as snaps, rivets on jeans, and belt buckles can do a number on leather furniture. Most clothing won’t harm leather, but before sitting down it’s always good to stop and think whether anything you’re wearing might leave a mark. And, as with all furniture, feet are best kept on the floor—at minimum, remember to take your shoes off before stretching out on the sofa.

Entertaining—Serving trays and utensils should never be placed on leather upholstery. Sharp edges, hot foods, and liquids all pose a danger to leather. Instead, place a low table nearby for serving snacks and beverages.

Moving day—Whether you’re moving furniture across town, or across the room, always remember to lift rather than pull. Dragging can stretch and damage leather upholstery. Also, be careful not to run leather furniture along walls as you move it. Textured finishes on plaster and drywall can easily scratch leather. And, be careful not to squeeze too tightly through door frames as that can be especially tough on any upholstery.

Kids—It’s impossible to prevent every mishap, but it’s important to discourage standing and jumping on furniture. Aside from the risk of leaving a scratch or gouge, that kind of rough use can damage the frame, as well.

Why Us & How Can We Help You?

 We are leather and vinyl repair specialists for all residential, commercial and automotive upholstery and panels, and:

 Every technician that works with leather and vinyl restoration has been fully trained in techniques and applications to the strictest Australian standards required, and;

 We know which professional leather or vinyl upholstery cleaning and conditioning agents to use from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, and;

 We are available 365 days per year with dedicated teams ready to help you with your rejuvenation project, and;

 Even more flexibility – although we are among the top professionals in the industry, we offer the best competitive prices for the entire range of cleaning services, and;

 You are covered by our total cover insurance plan which covers us and you for any accidents, mishaps or damages, and;

 A touch of South QLD Restorations quality and style, a service no other cleaning company could provide!

Our advice is free and we genuinely want to help you avoid what could be an expensive disaster. When you are ready, give us a call on 1300 762021 – We Look Forward To Hearing From You


leather vinyl services

Whether it is household furniture, automotive, marine or anything made from leather or vinyl, we can bring new life to what ever needs colour repairing. If you have pet scratches or scuffs that need attention we can take a look at those and it is likely will be able to fix them. You might even want to restore that old Chesterfield lounge back to its former glory! When offering our leather and vinyl colouring, cleaning and conditioning service we can also provide the correct care products to keep your leather or vinyl living longer.


leather colour rejuvenation

No matter how well you care for your lounge, time will take its toll. One of the most common issues with damage to your lounge is fading and discolouration from the sun. Fading furniture is generally not something you can avoid, particularly if your lounge sits under a window. Some people try leather boot polish to fix up discolouration. This isn’t always a wise idea because that polish will never really dry completely or adhere to the leather and as such you risk staining the clothes of those who sit on the furniture.


leather colour repairs

Colour repairs are definitely not a task for the untrained DIT project.  South QLD Restoration has a service to repair colour fade in leathers and vinyl which is only undertaken by a specifically trained technicians who have undergone and passed the required tests and exams as set down for Australian Standards. Leather is a complex multi-layered substance and not all materials called leather are made actually real leather as we know it. There are different dying and pigmentation processes applied to different types of leather.

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Why Choose Us?

The team at South QLD Restoration are confident enough to consider our expert upholstery cleaning services to be among the best in South East QLD. You can see what previous customers have had to say about our high-quality results on our testimonials page, and you can be sure your furniture is in safe hands with us. When you book our services you can expect the following:

  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Professional steam cleaning equipment
  • Eco-friendly solutions and other solvents
  • No hidden additional charges
  • Free quotes