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Leather & Vinyl Services – Pet Scratch Repair

Leather & Vinyl Pet Scratch Repairs

Pet Scratch Repair

Leather upholstery enhances the overall appearance of the indoors and possessing one will give you a taste of comfort and elegance. But, if it is destroyed by your pet you will never have enough words to express your grief. Pet scratching on your leather upholstery will ruin the fabric along with deteriorating the interior feel. South QLD Restoration is skillful to repair the pet scratches, rips, scuffs and any other pet damage. Efficient professionals will strategically undertake the entire required step to repair the damaged spot without changing or replacing the entire upholstery. At first, we will prepare the surface by cleaning it and making it dust and oil free. In the next phase, it is about inserting filler or gluing the fabric together in case of rips. In the following steps, it is about applying primer, colourant and a sealing topcoat. You will get the best outcome with the utilisation of the right materials and following proper instruction. It is easy and satisfying to repair pet scratches. You can give us a call at any time throughout the day if you are living in Brisbane or Gold Coast. Timely repair will cost you less, as the more time you wait the more damage it will incur.

We have the answer to all issues

No matter what size is your project, we have a solution to all questions and problems. Fixing a ripped leather, pet scratch or a hole, we are efficient to deliver a complete transformation that is hard to believe. To know more about the entire process of pet scratch repair in Brisbane and Gold Coast, scroll down and looked at all the possibilities. It all comes down to leather filler and glue that does the magic when it comes to repairing the leather tear. Different kinds of glue can help you stick the ends of the fabric together removing the visible rip that your cat or dog has done. This is the simplest process but if you want more sophisticated fix it comes to the professionals who use different repair kits giving you an amazing result.

The best result for pet scratch repair comes down to 5 simple steps the results of which are jaw-dropping. Wear and tear, bingles and pet damage on leather upholstery needs fixing properly.South QLD Restoration has mastered the skill and utilizes the advanced technology and beneficial kit to get everything in order.

The size of the job

It really does not matter to us what kind of job you are seeking help for. Be it a little job or a complete replacement of leather, we master everything. We can work for touching up a few scuffs or scratches. If it is the car seat that requires the work we will offer a small repair kit that will do wonders. In case your couch or recliner requires to get rid of scratches we will use a medium repair kit and for anything larger than that it is the large kit that includes spot prep solution, colour according to the leather, prime coat, top code and a dulling agent.

Leather upholstery is something that requires regular maintenance as the fabric needs to breathe. It is hard to neglect a leather and the more you leave it unattended the more worn out it becomes.

We use a fill and glue process for pet scratch repair

Most of the leather repair problem requires a duo that is super strong and highly flexible. A filling agent and glue are all you need to repair any kind of leather problem in most cases. These are water-based, dries quickly and sand-able that makes it is easy for application and blending with the surrounding area. Every repair is different but all of the repairs require some basic techniques that include fixing, bonding, feeling and smoothing of the residue. A damaged leather will regain its lost lustre following the proper steps. We will help you restore the leather of any surface, be it car seat, couch, pet damaged surface or any other imperfections.

Leather glue is perfect for any kind of repairs. You can use it to repair small rips, nicks, bonding loose tags, cuts and scratches done by your pet. You can use this glue for bonding other leather items as well that provides strong bonding and durability.

Leather filler looks white and even dries to be white translucent in nature. We use this to fill holes done by the pet. It is also used for filling the scratches and scuffs. It can be sanded to makeup with the neighbouring area. After the filler and sanding, the spot will look smooth and with appropriate colouring, the defect is subdued efficiently.

With the utilisation of such remarkable products, it is like turning back the time to the moment when it was like a brand new one. Your leather upholstery does not have to be damaged for a long time as we will make sure to repair it in the best possible way and colour it in a similar shade. The application of filler and glue is so easy that the entire work can be completed just using a palette knife.

5 steps to professional pet scratch repair

For the best result, we follow 5 steps for repairing pet scratch on your leather furniture.

Cleaning and preparing

It all comes to good cleaning and preparing and this is where the ground lies. We clean the surface a hundred percent and make sure there is no oil residue. If the cleaning is not up to the mark the colour and coating are not going to stay for long.

Repairing with glue and filler

Damage to a surface like scratches, scuffs and pet damage is uninviting and require proper consideration. Using filler and glue will take the loose tags and bond rips with utmost efficiency.


Priming is another important feature of patching leather articles. Primer boost the adhesive property that helps the paint to stick to the surface and filler for a lasting effect.


This is the fun part and only professionals with an efficient understanding of different colour variations can work effortlessly. After preparation of the surface, it is time to find the perfect shade as near to the original colour as possible. A couple of coats and that is it; the damaged couch is going to look ravishing once more. Professionals will have spot testing to find the perfect match and after the colouring, you will not be able to spot the difference between the repaired part and the original one.

Finishing up with topcoat

The last and final step is to apply a topcoat that seals everything together. The topcoat improves the overall finish of the repair and also adds durability to the spot. It provides a protective layer that makes sure that the colour is going to stay for long.

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