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Logan is a part of the sunshine state, which means residents in this area are prone to pest invasions. Pests love humid and hot locations, so Logan could be considered a ‘hot spot’. Logan’s mild winters also increase vulnerability to infestations all year round. This means that the need for pest control is even more important than usual.

Don’t leave a pest problem to last minute. If left uncared for, an infestation can escalate and spread very quickly. If this happens, your home will need a full extermination and investigation. Don’t rely on DIY products! Call the professionals – it’ll save you time and money.

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logo pencilBenefits of Using South QLD Restoration’s Logan Pest Control Services

Certified & Experienced Pest Control Technicians 

Our bug control pros at South QLD Restoration have an abundance of knowledge and experience in the pest control industry. Our technicians provide competitively priced pest control services to Logan residents and invest their time into proficient and successful outcomes for our customers.

Residential & Commercial Services 

Our team at South QLD Restoration provide residential and commercial services to Logan. We want your home or workspace to be completely pest-free. Delivering quality pest control treatments has led to quality results for logan residents.

What do our Logan residential pest control services include?

  • After getting your call, we will coordinate the pest control treatment as soon as we can to ensure any unwanted delays are avoided.
  • Once we’re at your home, the pest control treatment begins. The treatment we use is innovative, safe and tested.
  • We aren’t the type of people to leave you high and dry after completing treatment on your home. We will give you further information on the measures that need to be taken to prevent your home from being infested again.

What do our Logan commercial pest control services include?

  • Our team services all areas of the commercial industry, including workplaces, bistros & more.
  • We have yearly pest control contracts available.
  • We complete the treatment during a time that suits your business hours.

logo pencilWhat Can Our Logan Pest Control Treatment Exterminate?

Pest Control Logan Pest Control Logan


Logan homeowners often find themselves dealing with cockroach infestations. However, a small number of homeowners don’t understand the health issues that cockroaches carry. So, if you’re in Logan and need professional cockroach control treatment, our team can help with our pest control services.


  • Internal spray – $110
  • External spray – $75
  • German cockroach only – first call out – $265
  • German cockroach only – second call out – $195
  • German cockroach only – third call out – $165

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Did you know termites can cause serious damage to your home or workplace? Did you also know termites can go undetected for years? This is why it’s important to call in the professionals to help detect, monitor and treat termites.

Price: Needs to be confirmed and quoted over the phone or through our website.


A bedbug infestation can grow rapidly and become extremely hard to fix if it’s not cared for fast. Call in the professionals before the infestation gets out of hand!

Price: $110

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If you’re tired of finding ants in your home, it’s probably time for an ant control treatment. If you see one ant, we can promise you there are thousands more lurking nearby. Ant control treatment helps rid ants quickly and effectively.

Price: $110

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Rats, Mice & Rodents

At South QLD Restoration we offer high-quality, professional and effective rat, mice and rodent control services. Rodents pose a safety risk to your home due to the spreading of disease and food contamination. Our team has extensive experience in rodent control in Logan.


  • Rodent treatment – $110 + cost per station
  • Mice bait station treatment – $9.90 per station
  • Rat bait station – $15.50 per station

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Dust Mites

The hardest part about dust mites is that you can’t see them unless you use a microscope. Dust mites also create household and workplace dust that can significantly impact asthmatics or other people prone to allergies. Our team at South QLD Restoration can fix this problem for you with our dust mite control services.

Price: $33 + cost of general spray

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Fleas thrive in humid areas, which is why Logan residents are vulnerable to flea infestations. Our team provide quality flea control treatment to Logan which helps eradicate the growing problem.

Price: Needs to be confirmed and quoted over the phone or through our website.


Our pest control technicians provide effective spider control treatments to Logan residents. We’ll inspect your property and use a treatment specifically formulated to exterminate spiders. We’ll also advise you on how to reduce the chance of future spider infestations.

Price: $110

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Flies are very common in Australia, which is why our technicians provide fly control services. Our team have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge in fly control and elimination. To eradicate flies from your property we can prevent, remove, eliminate and inspect.

Price: Needs to be confirmed and quoted over the phone or through our website.

You can view our full list of pest control services here.

logo pencilSouth QLD Restoration Are Your Trusted Pest Control Technicians in Logan

Through our residential and commercial pest control services, our team have become trusted pest control technicians in Logan. We have the skills, knowledge, equipment and experience to exterminate almost any pest that infests in your property. Call us today for a FREE quote. Don’t put off a pest inspection! Save yourself time and money.