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Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration


Do not be complacent about this. Water damage of any description is a serious problem and even more so if it is internal. For most external water damage situations, although still a serious issue, there is a little bit more time to act before any extensive damage occurs. But when it comes to internal water damage you must act with as much urgency as possible because from the moment your floors get wet, the damage starts and will continue to escalate rapidly as each hour slips by.

Don’t wait around or procrastinate!

If wet floors are left to dry without professional services there will be problems. Mopping up with towels and leaving fans on certainly help a little bit but that will not solve the problem. Wall skirtings and timber joints will remain damp which will quickly become the perfect conditions for the rapid growth of mould spores. Call us now on 1300762021

A common problem created by water damage is the water that seeps into your internal wall cavities. If left to sit unattended, this water will rot your wallboards/drywall from the inside out with the end result being hidden mould and an ever increasing damp odour through your home.

At South QLD Restoration we understand experiencing water damage can be frustrating and overwhelming. This is why we offer our priority 24/7 emergency water damage service. The sole purpose of this service is to extract the water from your home,  get involved in the clean up, restore all affected areas then follow up with carpet cleaning and sanitising plus tile cleaning as required.

As a member of the Water Damage Network, we take our tasks seriously when working with families, businesses and insurance companies to ensure that your home or office is restored to its original condition for the least amount of fuss, time and expense.


 We guarantee a prompt response time

It is imperative that you make contact with a professional team of water damage experts as soon as possible. And it is just as important that we respond by giving your task an urgent priority. Why the urgency? If left for too long, water can cause serious damage. You may have to replace floor coverings and even some flooring. Or you could experience serious structural and internal wall damage. And in the longer term effects, your furniture, flooring, walls, cupboards and hidden corners of your home are likely to become contaminated with mould.

In this industry most water damage experts need to be available for emergency but often are unable to do so if already responding to a previous callout. For us,  24/7 means having the manpower on hand to respond to all calls for help and we’re able to respond to your emergency water damage situation quickly. Our vans are filled with everything we need to commence the process of getting your home or office back in order. All you need to do is call us and we’re on our way.


We only use commercial grade equipment

When dealing with flooded floors in any circumstances it is a fact that the general carpet cleaning and drying equipment is limited to only handling the smaller jobs and also take considerably longer to reach conclusion.

Many years ago we were one of the first crews to realise the need for commercial grade equipment which is specifically designed for water damage restoration. We researched and found what we believe to be the best technology available and it is incorporated into our primary equipment being water extraction units, air mover fans, floor drying pads and high capacity humidifiers.

All this plant allows for a quick drying process which means we are in and out faster than others and you’re less likely to see any permanent damage.


Our restoration services are unlimited

With the list of services we offer we can tell you that South QLD Restoration is your one stop restoration shop. Our range of restoration services is virtually unlimited and our experience together with our expertise will ensure your water damage is completely rectified to your complete satisfaction. Here are the main associated services we offer for water damage restorations;

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet repair
  • Mould Retention
  • Grout cleaning
  • Grout repair
  • Tile cleaning
  • Tile repair
  • Tile sealing


Call us for ultimate peace of mind

No matter where you are between Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and down to the Gold Coast, if you need any sort of water damage service minor or serious, contact South QLD Restoration now. Our professional and reliable team are ready to respond and dedicated to resolving any homeowners and business owners water or flood damage issues whilst ensuring the safety and integrity of their clients residential and commercial properties. Call 1300762021

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