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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning


Have you ever thought about hiring a professional upholstery cleaner? If you think about, your upholstery gets a hammering every day. Because of this, upholstery fabrics have always been a heavy wear fabric. But, in todays low cost buy environment something has to suffer to enable a low price for your upholstery items. And that is, the fabric quality! But with the correct knowledge and care, your upholstery can last for many years while maintaining the ‘just bought’ appearance and appeal.

upholstery cleaning

logo pencil Your lounge is only 2 years old and looks 10 years old

It only seems like yesterday that you bought that great looking lounge suite and couldn’t wait to see how it looked in your home. Looked great, yes? But you look at it now and you know it’s clean but you think to yourself ‘why is it looking so old and tired’. I can tell you why. The fabric gets a high amount of use and abuse. Everybody takes care but spills happen, pile scratch occurs, maybe shoes end up resting for a short while’ and of course, dirty trousers straight from work are often sat there for a while.

logo pencil Too much home cleaning can make upholstery worse

We know that you keep all your upholstery throughout the home as clean as you can with regular brush vacuuming and spot cleaning with store bought products and the once in a while full aerosol foam can spray over the lot. Too much of this can cause fabric damage, especially if the product is not suitable for your particular fabric. Upholstery fabrics, regardless of quality level, need to be cared for with special attention to the fabric weave. Wiping, brushing, scrubbing across the weave is not recommended apart from stubborn stains that may need a circular rubbing with the correct compound solution. Often is the case that upholstery is cleaned too vigorously with the wrong compound solution.

logo pencil Nothing is lost. We can restore your upholstery

We have a team that specialises in upholstery cleaning and upholstery care. We have the expertise and the ‘hands on’ experience to recognise the problems, the causes and identify solutions to repair your upholstery and carry out a complete restoration which will leave your lounge, easy chairs, dining chairs or mattresses right back to a refreshed look and bug free. We know we can revive your upholstery and we also know you will be satisfied with our results.

logo pencil You’ll love the result of our professional upholstery cleaning!

Upholstery is a material which includes the fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. Upholstery makes up the soft coverings of all kind of chairs, sofas, and furniture. There are many varities and options to choose from and it is important to know how to clean all upholstery fabrics and coverings.

We offer upholstery cleaning for the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Microfibre
  • Cotton
  • Olefin
  • Synthetic blends
  • Faux Leather
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • and more!

logo pencil We have extensive knowledge on all upholstery

With our attention to detail and extensive fabric knowledge we can work with any form of upholstery including antique and extra delicate furnishings. They are all safe in our hands. Not only do we know upholstery fabrics, we also know how the furniture is built and the framework design. So whether it’s a family heirloom that needs restoring, pet hair removal or stains, we can gently clean your upholstery and bring it back to full life. We consult with you throughout the whole process, so if your fabric requires any alternative product we’ll walk you through your options and explain the likely outcome.

logo pencil Upholstery cleaning in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Our experienced team are available to take your call and offer any advice. We service both the domestic and commercial sectors with annual contracts available if required for our upholstery cleaning services. If your upholstery needs cleaning, leave it to the experts. Contact South QLD Restorations on 1300 762 021 for a free quote

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