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Tile Repairs

Tile Repairs


Tiles are a versatile floor covering and look great. That is until they get damaged! They are not as easy as you would think to repair so why not call us first and we can offer some free advice over the phone. If it is a bigger job, we are happy to call out to inspect the problem at no cost to you. Don’t let one tile ruin the aesthetics of a whole room.

tile repair


logo pencil Most common tile damage

  • Cracked tiles
  • Chipped tiles
  • Floor movement
  • Adhesive breaking down
  • Grout falling out
  • Drummy tiles (sounds like a drum when tapped)
  • Lippy tiles (a tile incorrectly laid or lifted)
  • Sun or bleach fading


logo pencil Do you have any tile damage?

Have you spotted one or more tiles that match any of those noted on the above list of possible damage? Maybe a cracked tile or even just a small chip? South QLD Restoration can help you today. In some instances we may be able to remove the tile from the floor or work with it in place to glue the pieces together on the crack line with an invisible repair. If that is not an option most homes have a few spare tiles in the shed somewhere and we can use those. If no spare tiles, we will need to search for a replacement or look at swapping the cracked tile with one of your tiles from a less conspicuous place.


logo pencil Why use professionals. Why not attempt the work yourself?

In todays world we have a vast array of choice in searching for ‘how to’ projects and tile repair is no exception. You will see a selection of ideas and videos online showing how easy it is. But please remember, these videos have been recorded with professional people doing the work (or at least a well experienced person who has done the task many times previously). If you try the DIY now, remember that this will be your first time and I can assure you that it will not be as easy as it looks in the video. With any tile repair there is a high risk of tile breakage as they are very fragile and need to be handled with experience. You will think that a little ‘tap’ here or a ‘gentle’ lift there will surely not harm the tile. Wrong? That is all it takes to snap and if it is an old tile, you are now stuck with an extra repair.  Now is the time you need professionals like South QLD Restoration team for tile repairs.

In addition to the above, many online videos are from other countries or have different climates, different sub-floor materials, different products. So for example if they suggest using adhesive ‘B’ and it is not available in Australia, what do you do? Get a regular adhesive maybe? Will that work? There is also the possibility that you may misunderstand the instructions due to slang or terminology differences. Just another thought, do you know how much the required tools will cost to do the job? We have the correct experience with plenty of knowledge and the tools to undertake the work and end up with a satisfactory result. If the job calls for it, we can go around the corners with precise cutting so that the every piece fits perfectly.

All tilers at South QLD Restoration, have been trained, certified and carry suitable insurance to carry on the work of tile repairs and installation. Be it interior or exterior, we will assist you in getting the right tiles as per your requirements. We also work at replacing the tiles while matching the design and age the grout so that it doesn’t look out of place.

logo pencil What makes us so special in the field of tiles repairs?

South QLD Restoration is known as an insurance company approved reputable local company with a reliable tile repairs team headed by a foreman with over 30 years in all aspects of tiling experience.  He attends every job. After working in various tiles service he know how to spot potential problems and he also knows where to source those hard to find tiles. Ask us for testimonials. Ask us to provide a quote and you can meet the man yourself and make your own judgement call.

logo pencil Some of the services which we provide include:

  • Tile and grout cleaning making it shine
  • Including hygienic application for interior jobs
  • Re-grouting of the old and worn down grouts
  • Stripping off old and damaged wall or floor tiles from any part of residential or commercial establishments
  • Re-colouring of the discoloured grouts
  • Repairing damaged, cracked and chipped tiles
  • Providing ongoing instructions for clients for maintaining the tiles for prolonged durability
  • Cleaning and specialist internal pressure washing of tiles and grouts
  • You can hire our efficient team to work on any kinds of man-made tiles or natural stone tiles
  • We work with all tiles composites like ceramic, porcelain, granite, terracotta, vinyl, sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite and the rest


logo pencil We provide services on different kinds of tile applications

  • Bathroom floors and walls which are prone to getting damp
  • Clean and wash kitchen splashbacks and surface tops to eradicate oil spills
  • Any tiles throughout the entire property like driveways, floors and retaining walls
  • We undertake pressure washing to eradicate tough stains and spills
  • Removing unrepairable damaged tiles and replacing with alternative tile to blend in perfectly with the rest
  • Retaining wall and patio structure tiles


logo pencil Tile repairs for your residential or commercial property

Even when tiles have been professionally cleaned, if they are chipped cracked or broken, they will still look out of place and make the space look messy and dull. With our Brisbane tile repairs services and tile cleaning services, we can help you completely transform the tiles in your commercial or residential property!


logo pencil No tile repairs job is big or too small for our experienced team

Our team have the expertise to tackle all your tile repair needs, be they big or small. While we’re there fixing your tiles, chat to us about our grout sealing services, tile cleaning and grout cleaning services and see if there is something more we can do for you now or in the future. Whatever the issues you are having with your tile flooring, we can work out a solution for you that will have your tiles looking new again.

logo pencil Silicone seal repair or replacement

Old silicone is difficult to remove without the correct tools and even when it is removed, there will be a considerable amount of residue. If this is not completely removed before applying the new silicone you will definitely redoing the job sometime in the very near future. South QLD Restoration can remove mould, fungi, deteriorated, dirty silicone and replace with new silicone in your shower bases, waterproofed corners, taps, bathtub and vanity accessories together with any tiles in wet areas. Silicone seal replacement will provide a new clean look to all your areas and will also prevent your home from unexpected water leakage and subsequent damage.

logo pencil We have regular maintenance contracts available

If you are a real estate office or own several commercial or residential properties and need a one-stop restoration agency, South QLD Restoration can help. We can take care of everything from tile repairs right through to carpet cleaning and pest control. When you work with us, you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your maintenance or emergency repairs will be taken care of by licensed professionals with years of experience.

logo pencil Make contact with us today

Are you in the regions of Far North Brisbane down to the Gold Coast areas? Contact us today for a no obligation free quote. Call 1300762021 for any restoration services including tile repairs, water damage, carpet cleaning, mould removal and more.

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