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Pest Control

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Pest Control


Living in the Sunshine State, we enjoy warmer summers and mild winters. Unfortunately, this also means that our homes are vulnerable to pest invasions all year round. Even a few visible pests could be an indication of a larger problem and if left unattended will quickly become an infestation requiring a full investigation and extermination of the entire house.

pest control services

logo pencil Pest control treatments for residential and commercial buildings

We don’t just offer pest control treatments for your home, we can also come to your business or office building and carry out an investigation with a written report. Annual pest control contracts are available for the commercial sector. Whatever your pest control needs may be, we can tailor a treatment to ensure your home or office is safe and pest free. We will work around your schedule and your business hours to ensure that you won’t experience any downtime.

logo pencil Termite inspections and control should be on your mandatory list

Termites are costing Australian home owners over $1.5 billion per year! This damage occurs when termites are undetected and are often only discovered during a building and pest report for the purposes of the property sale. Even if old termite damage is found regardless of how little, potential buyers will walk away or at the very least, negotiate the purchase price down by thousands of dollars. You can avoid this massive loss by having regular termite inspections and carry out any recommended treatments then have a follow up inspection 3 months later to ensure treatments have been effective. South QLD Restoration are certified termite control specialists and take the responsibility seriously to detect and eradicate termites within your home.

logo pencil Our pest control products are completely safe for pets and family

South QLD Restoration Pest Control are certified pest control specialists and as such we are committed to using environmentally friendly products to rid your house or office of pests. This means that our pest control products are also completely safe for your staff, pets and family. If there are family members that have allergies, we can discuss alternative products that will not affect your family but will eradicate any pests in your home.

logo pencil Use our expertise and resources to eliminate the following pests

There are a large range of pests from ants to rats and we have a solution for every one of them!

  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Rats and mice
  • Dust mites
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Flies (inside and outside)
  • And any others that appear

logo pencil Pest control in Brisbane, Gold Coast and beyond

If you are sick of creepy crawlies running loose in your home or office, call South QLD Restoration and get a free quote to have our experienced team of pest control experts to your property within 48 hours. Do not delay your inspection. If you do, it could cost you $thousands! Call us on 1300 762 021

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