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Mould Removal

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Mould Removal


There is a belief that mould will only grow in bathrooms. Whilst that is partly true you need to know that mould is a fungi that can grow in all areas of your house, not just the bathroom. But also know this. Mould consists of spores that are airborne and when they are inhaled with normal breathing, they go straight to the lungs and remain there while continually multiplying. Mould is a serious health hazard and it is not something to ignore or simply spray with a store bought ‘mould away’ product.

 Mould can cause serious health issues for you and your family

In more serious cases it is not advisable to attempt to remove mould with store bought cleaners or home remedies. These work fine for a little bit of mould and also to keep mould from growing in the first place. But if you have a serious case of visual mould, it is highly likely that you also have a serious case of hidden mould. Not only does it look terrible but left to sit it can actually create a very dangerous environment due to the toxins mould emits into the air that cause respiratory issues, allergy issues, and hypersensitivity to name a few health issues. For this reason, in the more severe jobs our team will wear hazmat suits. A professional mould removal company can ‘see’ hidden mould using the latest technology and digital readers. Just a quick phone call can save you and your family from being subjected to airborne mould spores settling in lungs. Call South QLD Restoration on our advice line 1300 762 021


 Experienced team trained in mould removal treatments

When we arrive at your property, we’ll assess the damage and determine the best way to treat the mould. In many cases it may be just a simple case of a basic treatment with a minimal charge. For the more serious jobs, we will need to complete a full mould digital test throughout the interior of the property together with ceiling and wall cavities and any underfloor areas if the house is not on a concrete slab. From there we will give you a report of the test results together with a price and timeline to remedy. When you call us we may be able to give an indication of how serious our mould problem may be and whether it needs to be an urgent priority or not. Call 1300762021. At South QLD Restoration, we only use professional grade products that are 100% safe for your staff, family or pets. As well as being safe, our mould removal products also produce tangible results.


 Our mould removal services include:

  • Basic mould cleaning and sanitising
  • Digital inspections
  • Written reports
  • Insurance work
  • Mould and moisture testing
  • Mould removal and deep sanitising
  • Mould prevention applications
  • Bacteria swabs for clearance certificates


Mould prevention services

Mould is prone to growing in areas that are dark, warm, damp and lacking proper ventilation. If you believe you have areas of your home or office that could be prone to mould, contact our helpful team. We can come to your residential or commercial property and offer mould prevention solutions to suit your space on a once off prevention project or regular scheduled calls.


Mould services to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

If you have mould in your home, you need to act quickly and at least get some information from our advice line. Call our team today to see what we can do for you. No job is too big or too small! 1300 762 021

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