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Mould Removal

Mould Removal


It is a common belief that mould will only grow in bathrooms. Whilst that is partly true, mould is actually a fungus that can grow in all areas of your house. Often appearing as dark marks, it can be easily mistaken for dirt or general grime.

Mould consists of airborne spores which go straight to the lungs when inhaled via normal breathing. If you’re susceptible, the spores can remain there while continually multiplying, leading potentially devastating health problems.

Mould is clearly a serious health hazard and it is not something to ignore. Simply spraying with a store bought ‘mould away’ product and hoping for the best is not a fail-safe approach. If you’re looking for mould removal in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. We can remove and remediate mould growth in homes, buildings, offices, and other commercial spaces.

 Mould Removal Services

 Mould Removal Services Mould removal can avoid serious health issues for you and your family

It is not advisable to attempt to remove mould yourself with store-bought cleaners or home remedies. These can work well for removing a small amount of mould and can also keep mould from growing in the first place. But, if you have a serious case of visible mould, it is highly likely that you also have a serious case of hidden mould.

Not only does it look terrible, but if left to sit it can actually create a very dangerous environment. Mould emits toxins into the air which can cause a range of health issues. For this reason, in serious cases our team will wear hazmat suits.

A professional mould removal company can ‘see’ hidden mould using the latest technology and digital readers. Just a quick phone call can save you and your family from being subjected to airborne mould spores settling in lungs.

Mould Removal What are the main illnesses mould can cause?

In addition to general respiratory problems, having mould present within your property can also cause or aggravate ailments including:

  • General allergies and reactions
  • Asthma
  • Fever
  • Infections and illnesses of the lungs, such as bronchitis
  • Joint pain
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Memory loss
  • Disorders of the neurological and nervous systems

Left unchecked, mould has exponential growth potential, meaning your health can continue to suffer.

 Mould Removal Services Where can mould grow?

 Mould Removal ServicesMould grows in areas that are dark, warm, damp and lacking proper ventilation. Moisture rich rooms such as kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms are generally the most prone to mould growth. Other common places include floors, walls, appliances, and carpets.

Often, mould grows in more difficult to reach places, such as inside walls and behind large pieces of furniture. For this reason, it’s important that your home is thoroughly inspected before considering improvements, renovations, or construction of any kind. All wood materials must be provided with time to dry out before covering over them.

If you believe you have areas of your home or office that could be affected by mould, contact our helpful team. We can come to your residential or commercial property, conduct a full inspection, and offer mould prevention solutions to suit your unique space.

 Mould Removal Services Mould prevention services

Mould is prone to growing in areas that are dark, warm, damp and lacking proper ventilation. If you believe you have areas of your home or office that could be prone to mould, contact our helpful team. We can come to your residential or commercial property and offer mould prevention solutions to suit your space on a once off prevention project or regular scheduled calls.

 Mould Removal Services How to prevent mould growth

 Mould Removal Services When first developing, mould can take several days to appear on surfaces. Often, damage is being done before you have any visible signs of it. This is why preventative treatments following deep cleaning and sanitising is critical.

Mould need three things to grow: moisture, food (organic materials such as wood and paper), and still air.

As it thrives in moist environments, reducing the humidity of your property is a great first step. In addition, maintaining air flow and moderate temperatures is critical. Check your property for signs of water leaks and storm damage as well.

Keep areas prone to mould clean, sanitised, and as dry as possible. It can also be beneficial to check and clean behind items in your home that usually remain untouched for years. Think fridges, washing machines, cabinets, bed heads, and cupboards.

Applying preventative treatments are key. As Brisbane’s mould removal and remediation specialists, we know that keeping your home clean and safe is imperative for the health of you and your family. We can both provide appropriate recommendations for your needs and carry out the works required.

 Mould Removal Services Mould prevention tips you can action yourself

While the removal of mould should be left to the experts, there are 4 things you can do yourself to stop mould from growing in the first place.

  1. Avoid using carpets in the most humid areas of your home such as the bathroom and laundry. Ensure any bathmats are washed and air-dried regularly.
  2. Turn on your fan, air conditioner, or dehumidifier during more humid months. This reduces excess build-up of moisture and contribute to improve airflow in the home or office.
  3. Apply antimicrobial primers when painting your home, particularly in more mould prone areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. This can also be beneficial outside the property on shady areas of fences and walls which tend to remain damp long after it’s rained.
  4. Maintain your plumbing appropriately to avoid potential leaks and ensure drainage is working. Do not ignore signs of plumbing or drainage issues!

 Mould Removal Services

Mould Removal Experienced Brisbane team trained in mould removal treatments

With 20 years’ experience, our processes have proved successful time and time again. Our team are trained to a very high standard in mould removal and are skilled at providing solutions for even the most challenging mould cases.

We offer both a once-off prevention project and regular scheduled works to effectively maintain your property.
Here’s how our process works from beginning to end…

1. Pre-inspection and Moisture Mapping

When we arrive at your property, we’ll first assess the damage and determine the best way to treat the mould. In many cases it may be just a basic cleaning and sanitisation treatment and application of mould prevention with minimal charge. For the more serious cases, we will complete a full digital mould inspection and moisture testing throughout the interior of the property, including ceiling and wall cavities and any underfloor areas.

2. Containment

If visible mould is located, we will contain the area to create temporarily safer conditions until our work officially commences.

3. Assessment and Recommendations

We will provide you with a report of the test results together with a price and timeline to remedy. The solutions we recommend will eliminate mould from your property and avoid future recurrence of the issue.

4. Scope of Works

Following our initial recommendations, we draw up a detailed report and scope of works for you to submit to your insurance company. We ensure all insurance requirements are ticked off for you to make this whole process quick and easy. Once works are complete, we also provide you with written reports and certification.

5. Further Containment and Negative Air Control

Once the scope of works is approved, we then implement and install negative air control to avoid cross contamination. This prevents the escape of mould spores from the affected area and contains them within one section of the building.

6. Remediation Works

We complete all remediation works according to the IICRC S520 International Standards for mould removal. We pride ourselves on our consistent application of best practice in the treating, cleaning, and remediation of mould affected properties.

7. Structural Drying and Air Filtration

We also conduct structural drying and treatment of structural building materials. This ensures all mould spores are removed and will not grow back.

8. Final Clean

For further preventative measures, we carry out a final deep clean and encapsulation, if required. This is often implemented in very serious cases to guarantee our work. Here we also conduct bacteria swaps to certify that the property is mould free.

9. Final Report

Upon completion of all works, we compile a final report for your records.

 Mould Removal Services How to get started with our mould removal experts

 Mould Removal ServicesWhen you first call us, we might be able to give an indication of how serious your mould problem may be, depending on how much information you can provide. We may also be able to indicate whether it requires urgent action.

We are open from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 6am to 12:30 on Saturdays. Based in Local Village, we have easy access to Brisbane and both the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. We also offer an emergency service should your property need urgent mould removal.

At South QLD Restoration, we only use professional grade products that are 100% safe for you and your family, pets, and staff.

As well as being safe, our mould removal products also produce tangible results.

 Mould Removal Services Mould removal services to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

If you have mould in your home, you need to act quickly. At least get some information from our advice line so you are aware of your mould removal options.

Call our team today to see what we can do for you.

No job is too big or too small!

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