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Mould Removal Toowoomba

No home is safe when it comes to mould outbreaks. Most of the time mould grow in areas with poor ventilation which causes moisture and dampness in the space. Mould can easily spread through a property in just 48 to 72 hours and may produce harmful allergens that trigger irritation, allergies, and sometimes serious illnesses. So if you have mould problems in your home or commercial structures in Toowoomba, South Queensland Restorations can do an assessment for you. We have the best cleaning technicians which are certified and accredited by different industry cleaning organizations. Our experience makes us on the top of the list where we removed mould for hundreds of houses and commercial spaces in Melbourne and its suburbs.

Choose South Queensland Restorations

South Queensland Restorations are a team of professionals dedicated to mould cleaning and mould damage restoration. Calling us experts in this business can help you minimize harm to your property and reduce your cost. We use advanced equipment in getting rid of mould and in detecting moisture levels in your home.

What is mould?

Invisible mould spores are almost everywhere, outdoor and indoor, making it virtually impossible to remove all of it inside and outside your household, but since moisture is the key factor in mould growth, we can control its development be regulating temperature levels in your home. And we at South Queensland Restorations can help you with that.

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Our team of expert cleaning technicians are available anytime and anywhere in Toowoomba. We can set you up for an initial assessment and we’ll take it from there. Remember, when it comes to mould removal trust only the best. Give us a call, trust South Queensland Restorations. For further questions and queries please call 1300 762 021 now.