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Seeking a mould removal Brisbane service? Our licensed, professional mould removal technicians at South Queensland Restorations can assist you in the removal of any prolonged mould ridden areas of your home or business.

mould removal brisbane

Mould is a fungus, which grows in environments of poor airflow, moisture, darkness, and dampness. It appears in the form of black spores, growing on both organic and synthetic surfaces, allowing for growth on practically any exterior. Your home provides numerous perfect breeding grounds for the multiplication of mould, common areas include bathrooms, kitchens, air-conditioning systems, carpet, fabrics and furniture, cupboards, basements, and garages. If you have suffered from a flood, burst pipe or consistent leaks, mould can readily attach to floors and inside walls.


Mould has the potential to emit toxic substances called mycotoxins into the air. Mould present in the home or workplace shouldn’t be taken lightly, spores and mycotoxins have the potential to create a long list of health problems from allergic reactions, sinus problems, asthma, hyposensitivity, and flu- like symptoms- just to list a few. Mould can produce chemicals that suppress your immune system so mould removal cleaning is of paramount importance the health and wellbeing for not only you but that of your family and/ or coworkers. Another priority for mould eradication is air- conditioner cleaning, due to their general nature housing humid conditions out of light.

mould removal brisbane

If you’re needing to know how to remove mould, South Queensland Restorations are the bacteria and mould remediation experts with a team of experienced and qualified water damage technicians to assist with mould removal cleaning services to rid your home or premises of any harmful bacteria and mould that has formed from water damage or dampness.


If you suffer from prolonged mould in your home and require specialist-cleaning services for mould removal in your home or business then South Queensland Restorations can help. Our water damage technicians are fully licensed and insured to have the expertise to assist you with mould cleaning, mould removal, mould inspections, mould testing, mould prevention and bacteria swabs for clearance certificates. It is paramount that all chemicals and equipment used are 100% safe for you and your family, despite their deep cleansing capabilities.


The team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities and their surroundings from the Sunshine Coast QLD to Tweed heads NSW. Enquire online or call 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182 (for all hours) to find out more about our mould removal cleaning services.


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