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Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Service

A Necessity Often Overlooked!

Whilst our mattresses are comfortable and afford us a good nights sleep, they are not as clean as you may think! According to a study over 70% of mattresses are contaminated with allergy-inducing dust mites. Everyone will spend several hours in bed every night. While sleeping we toss, we turn and we sweat. This is why we offer a professional mattress cleaning service.

Yes, it is a fact – everyone sweats whilst they sleep, and it can be as much as 500ml of moisture and that’s not all. We also excrete body oils and shed up to a gram of our dead skin particles and dandruff on average in just one night. All of this can and will make its way through bedsheets and settle into the fibres in our mattresses. And remain there whilst building up daily. In addition to all of this, over a period of time, Dust Mites will also gather in your mattress and this is because they feed on the dandruff and dead skin particles.

So many of us are guilty of doing a long hard days work and just diving straight into bed when we get in. This means that the entire day’s grease and grime is all added to the contents of our mattresses. Most of us are also guilty and enjoy a midnight snack. All the crumbs from these naughty snacks can accumulate and attract unwanted bed bugs!

It is therefore so very important to clean your mattress regularly. When cleaning your mattresses South QLD Restoration leave them clean, fresh but even more crucial, allergy free. Mattresses should be cleaned at least once every six months by a professional cleaner. This is not an expensive exercise and giving consideration to the fact that regular professional steam cleaning not only keeps your bed healthy, it extends the life of your mattress. The cleaning of your mattresses should be on the same level of importance just like your cleaning of bed sheets, pillows and duvets (just not quite as regularly). When you book a professional mattress cleaning service, you have made a good decision. It can be expensive to replace mattresses so a deep steam clean once in a while (every 6 months is recommended) will help keep them hygienic and minimise the need for replacement.

When only the best will do, call South QLD Restoration for the perfect mattress clean. Ph: 1300 762 021

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It is a fact that the steam cleaning services is by far the best and most effective way to clean any mattress of any size and any quality level. It works very well for stain removal and removing any odours and killing germs that may be present. There is however a step by step process to ensure that we get you the best possible results:

  1. Before proceeding with the mattress steam cleaning process, we begin by vacuuming your mattress with a commercial heavy duty vacuum to remove any dust and debris present on the mattress cover.
  2. We follow up using a lint remover to pick up loose and stray hairs allowing us to start cleaning with a fresh surface.
  3. We will identify any stains that require additional treatment and attend to those.
  4. The next step is applying the steam.  For steam cleaning your mattress, as well as a range of other above-floor areas in your home, we have a variety of professional tools and heads for our machines that will suit any mattress top style.
  5. Once we are satisfied with the steam-clean we will use our air vacuum to extract excess moisture and apply deodorisers.
  6. By the time you are ready for bed, your clean and fresh mattress is ready for you.

South QLD Restoration have the experience, the training and the equipment to efficiently clean your mattress to greatly improve the health of your bedroom environment. Call us on 1300 762021 for any questions and/or book a Premium Mattress Clean.


Dust Mite Treatment

One major contributor to allergy symptoms is dust mites. This is a pet allergen that is ever-present in homes with pets. This common allergen causes adverse reactions in most people and particularly harmful to those who suffer existing allergies. The allergy symptoms from dust mites range from inconvenient to life-threatening, and they all detract from the quality of life for the sufferer. Professional allergy cleaning can rid your home of dust mites and greatly assist in keeping it healthy for all.

  • Cost:
    Cot Mattress: $11.00
    Single Mattress: $33.00
    King Single Mattress: $44.00
    Double Mattress: $55.00
    Queen Mattress: $77.00
    King Mattress: $88.00
    King Extra Wide $99.00

Stain Treatments

South QLD Restoration understand the need for keeping any mattress stain-free. Not only because we all like to see a clean mattress, but because stains are likely to contain bacteria. Our professionally trained technicians are specifically equipped with the knowledge, the latest equipment and the cleaning agents to safely clean any mattress in your home and leave it germ free! We have a 100% success rate in our mattress stain removal for leaving your bed bacteria free, dust-mite free and germ free. And if you need any stain removal services from your carpets, rugs, upholstery and most other fabrics, South QLD Restoration can also help you out with that.

Cost: $66 per 15 minutes
15 Minutes free if no results.
(Minimum Charge $66)

100 GuaranteeWhy Choose Us?

Here’s why:

  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Professional steam cleaning equipment
  • Eco-friendly solutions and other solvents
  • No hidden additional charges
  • Free quotes

The team at South QLD Restoration are confident enough to consider our expert upholstery cleaning services to be among the best in South East QLD. You can see what previous customers have had to say about our high-quality results on our testimonials page, and you can be sure your furniture is in safe hands with us. When you book our services you can expect the best!