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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

South QLD Restoration will efficiently remove dust mites, germs and bacteria from your mattress and make it hygienic for at least six months. If you are looking forward to mattress cleaning in Brisbane or Gold Coast then look no further than South QLD Restoration.

All of our expert cleaners are well aware of the importance of a clean mattress as it is directly connected to health. If you continue to sleep in a dirty mattress, you are potentially harming your health that can make you unwell. With fresh and clean mattress, you are not just going to have good health but improved sleeping habit as well.

Benefits of our mattress cleaning service

  • After our effective service on your mattress, it will feel brand new similar to the one it was when it was newly purchased.
  • We use a high powered vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter that can penetrate deep inside the fabric and extract dirt and
  • We use a unique solution that can keep your mattress cleaner for about six months with regular usage.
  • Our cleaning treatment will eradicate body oils and sweat. We will be using dry-cleaning in different steps to give you a fresh and clean mattress.
  • We will get an affordable and standard healthy mattress when you opt for our mattress cleaning service. You can get our service for as low as $79.
  • We will also deodorise and neutralise the mattress making it smell good. You can also opt for a lavender fragrance for relaxed and sound sleep at night.
  • We are available 24 hours throughout the week so that we can assist you in emergency mattress cleaning.
  • All of our solvents are eco friendly and green-certified that is not harming to human and pets as well.
  • We also offer same day mattress cleaning service.

Experts say

Body oil and sweat makes a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and other contaminants. Dust mite is very adaptive to the environment and your bed gives them the best place to multiply and thrive. They live on your dead skin and cells that stay attached to the mattress. The problem arises when they excrete on the mattress that gives rise to health issues. They excrete for multiple times a day and in bulk. The excrete contains harmful elements through which you can experience headaches, skin issues, sneezing and even asthma. In Australia, the majority of the population is attacked with asthma that is greatly caused by dust mites.

Our revolutionary 4 step process will remove all the dead skin and cells and even eliminate dust mites and their excrement. After the complete cleaning procedure, we go forward to the application of a safe solution that keeps your mattress germs free for at least 4 months.

South QLD Restoration guarantee

We offer guaranteed service for mattress cleaning and if you are not happy with the work you can tell us as soon as possible and we will re-work on the mattress free of charge.

Steps of the mattress cleaning process

We have two kinds of the cleaning process and depending on your requirement, the process will go. We have a standard healthy mattress cleaning process that directs towards removing allergens and dust mites from the mattress for good night sleep. It is ideal to keep your mattress bacteria and dust mite free. You can also choose Deluxe mattress cleaning that removes other contaminants like blood or urine stain along with deodorisation.

The process of healthy mattress cleaning

At first, we use high powered HEPA filter vacuum cleaner along with the beating bar to agitate the dead skin and dust mites in the mattress. It also extracts the excretion of dust mites from the mattress making it easier to remove.

Next, an application of dry cleaning solution breaks down the body oils and sweat accumulated over the mattress. After the breaking down of the oils and sweat, it is easier to remove as it becomes free from the fabric.

In the next phase, we apply a healthy mattress solution on the entire mattress and pillow to remove germs, bacteria and dust mites. This is also scented in lavender essence so that you have a good night sleep at night and relax your body after a tiring day.

At last, stain remover is applied on the pillow and mattress to minimise the yellow stains. You will get affordable standard healthy mattress cleaning service starting from $89 and depending on the size of the mattress it increases.

Deluxe mattress cleaning procedure

Deluxe mattress cleaning procedure is best suitable to remove contaminants like blood and urine. It is best suitable for an area that is up to the size of a dinner plate. In case the contaminated area is larger we recommend you to replace a mattress as the stain is going to stay yellowish and look bad on the surface. In case you have a flock mattress some of the services may be unfruitful as it will affect the glue applied for bonding the fibre.

In this process, we use hot water extraction cleaning of the contaminated area.

Good grade antimicrobial product is applied to the contaminated area of the mattress. We will also apply a topical application for extended protection.

At last, we will use stain removers to reduce the blood and urine stains from the mattress.

We offer professional mattress cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast

South QLD Restoration is a team of professionals and we believe in providing high standard mattress cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are equipped with high standard machine and equipment that offers the best quality service and ensure that the mattress stays in pristine condition. With the years of extreme mattress cleaning, we have gained the trust of most of our clients and you too will understand our experience and skill once you hire for the mattress cleaning. To get a free quotation call us right now and get an affordable mattress clean up.

Our professional mattress cleaners offer three of the highest qualities, which are professionalism, reliability and high-quality result.

The things, which make us the best in the cleaning industry, are:

  • Good quality detergent and solvents
  • Different kind of services
  • Working based on client feedback
  • Cost-effective and affordable services
  • Highly advanced cleaning machine and equipment
  • Trained, skilled and experienced workers at your service

Why do you require a clean mattress?

A mattress is an essential part of our life that we use daily. With daily usage, it becomes dirty and unhygienic and not cleaning it can cause anyone to fall sick or even experience side effects. Some of the benefits of having a clean and sanitised mattress are:

  • Cleaning a mattress every month keeps the dust mites away. With a clean mattress, there will be no pathogens or bacteria that can mess around with your health and create complications.
  • Mattress cleaning is a process where the dead skin removal is done. If the dead skin remains on the mattress dust mites will feed on it. This is why it is important to have mattress cleaning from time to time.
  • We use professional mattress cleaners that are natural and eco-friendly and does not cause any damage to the mattress. A cleaner mattress will give you better sleep.
  • Regular mattress cleaning enhances the hygiene of the mattress.
  • With a clean mattress, you will not experience any allergy and also protect you from infection.

You will get the best professional service from South QLD Restoration

Urine stain, bloodstain and other spills are very common in mattress. One of the factors that bother owners is that the stains are very hard to get rid of. We are experienced in providing expert and quality stain removal.

Your mattress should be clean so that you have a pleasant and undisturbed sleep for all nights in future. You can write to us telling your issues on info@southqldrestoration.com.au and our experts will revert you shortly. Alternately, you can book an appointment on 1300 762 021 and depending on your requirement, we will give you a cost-effective quotation. You will find our service skilled and our team members polite.

100 GuaranteeWhy Choose Us?

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Trained and certified cleaners at your service
  • Quick and professional service every time
  • Usage of advanced technology to offer effective and best cleaning service
  • After hour emergency service
  • Our employees undergo extensive training regularly to keep up with the newer processes
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation service in all projects