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Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning

South QLD Restoration offers a complete range of house restoration services that include hard surface cleaning of any sort. Any kind of hard surface requires regular attention specifically tiles and grout. When the tiles and grout get dirty, it is noticeable and hence require excellent cleaning so that there is no staining on dirty grime associated with the surface. We are sure that our tiles and grout cleaning service will give your floors the shine like new. Apart from the indoor floor, we are also entitled to work on outside tiles and pavers. We utilise the high-pressure cleaning system that improves and cleans the surface and even reaches to the extreme corners that are hard to reach with the regular home cleaning process. Our high cleaning water pressure jet is more efficient than any other traditional cleaning method like mopping and scrubbing. The traditional ways are not just time-consuming and laborious but the effect is negligible as compared to the work put into. We have trained professionals who are experienced in dealing with any hard surface cleaning service in residential and commercial places. If you are living in Brisbane or Gold Coast, don’t forget to hire us for hard surface cleaning.

Why should you clean your tiles and grout professionally?

It may sound lame but tiles and grout attract dirt and dust gradually and they built up slowly. As you are living in the home every day, you will not notice the change in tiles and grout but with each passing time, there is dirt building up and is not removable just by mopping and scrubbing. You may mop the tiles weekly but the stubborn oil and dirt do not leave the surface so easily. With time, the tiles become dirty and damp that is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and multiplication of germs. When our professional takes up the work of cleaning hard surface, they can also use steam cleaning if required to remove and eliminate any bacteria or germ that can prove harmful to your health. Intensive cleaning by South QLD Restoration will leave your floor sparkling and flawless like it was when first installed. You can also take our regular cleaning package where we will be visiting your property on the specific time of the year and maintain it perfectly. By this, your floor will be a lot more manageable and look spotless for many more years to come. It is our duty to boost the overall look and feel of the floor and improve the acceptance of your property.

Which kind of hard surface do we clean?

We are efficient to clean any kind of hard surface like ceramic, concrete, porcelain, pavers, stone, granite etc. We will deep clean your floor and walls as well. We utilise all the advanced technology to get the best result as you expect. You can take our help to professionally clean any surface of your property that is not limited to the living room or bedroom. We can work on the bathroom, laundry room, toilets, kitchen and even outdoor patios and driveways.

Tiles and their cleaning process

Terracotta tiles

This kind of tiles requires branded tile and grout cleaning agent as the Terracotta tiles are porous and sensitive to any kind of acids. Special tile and grout cleaning for Terracotta tiles are effective in removing synthetic and acrylic waxes that can harm the surface and the underlying layers. Heavy-duty cleaners are sufficient to remove any stubborn dirt from any area.

Ceramic tiles

This is one of the popular tiles that is selected by many. Cleaning it is simple and requires a mix of mild detergent and hot water. We use a rug mop to apply the solution thoroughly over the tile. A sponge mop is not at all recommended as it lets the dirty water into the grout that can lead to dirt accumulation. We change the water regularly to avoid cloudy water. We even use a non-abrasive cleaner if the surface gets blurry.

Limestone tiles

Some may use limestone tiles in their house as it gives a rugged looked to the overall property. However, as it is calcium based tiles we do not apply the acid-based cleaning agent as it will damage the tiles. A mild cleaning solution that has neutral property is used for regular cleaning. We advise a deep cleaning every three months from professional cleaners like South QLD Restoration who uses high-quality alkaline cleaner and a slow speed portable buffer.

Slate tiles

We always use a pH-balanced cleaning agent for slate tiles as bleaching and other cleaning agents damage the sealer. If you use bleach regularly for cleaning slate tiles, the sealer wears down over time and makes the surface hard. We always coat the surface with a floor sealer after cleaning a slate tile. Once applied the sealer will work effortlessly for at least a year.

Quarry tiles

Older homes mostly have quarry tiles as it gives a beautiful finish to the entire property. It is a bit difficult to clean quarry tiles specifically by home cleaning agent due to the non-glazing property. So in case of any food or liquid spills you need to quickly clean the surface to prevent any staining. For regular cleaning, you can simply mop the floor with a sponge and warm water.

Terrazzo tile

It is one of the hardest flooring material and is specifically used in commercial places that attract a large footfall. It is a combination of small marble chips along with cement. We use pH balanced cleaning solution for effective cleaning, as high alkaline or acidic chemicals will ruin the floor properties.

Steps of hard surface cleaning

We approach strategically when it comes to hard surface cleaning in Brisbane and Gold Coast. The steps that we follow are:

Pre-inspection of tiles – we will at first have a look at the tiles and the nature to determine the correct cleaning procedure. We will evaluate in details that include checking of stains and also if there are any loose tiles.

Furniture moving – If there is any furniture on the floor that is restricting easy access we will move it carefully before performing the cleaning.

Mopping or vacuuming – We will do a quick mopping or vacuuming to remove any loose soil from the surface.

Tile surface cleaning – Afterwards, it comes to the main process that is tile clean. We will consider the stained area with the utmost care and treat it individually before the ultimate tile cleaning. We use mechanical rotating brush for the best result.

Final touch – In the final touch, we will be rinsing the surface along with careful mopping to get rid of any excess water. In the next process, drying fans help to get rid of excess wetness, and we seal the surface with a sealing agent. Finally, we replace the furniture in its respective position.

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