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Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW

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South QLD Restoration offer the complete range of in-home restoration services which include a professional cleaning option for any of the hard surfaces in your home. The first obvious surface that requires regular attention is your tile and grout. These often cover a large area of the floors in South East QLD residences and as such, when they get dirty, it is very noticeable. We offer our tile and grout cleaning services with an assurance that your floors will shine like new.

When it comes to outdoor tiles and pavers, our high-pressure cleaning system will bring these back to life and target that hard to reach grime in dark corners. Needless to say, this high pressure water jet cleaning is far more efficient than traditional methods such as mopping and scrubbing which can be time-consuming and often ineffective, not to mention frustrating. Our tile, grout and paver cleaning services are carried out by trained professionals and are available at all times for both residential and commercial customers.

Why clean your tiles and grout?

This may sound like a pointless question but it is important to realise that your tiles do not get dirty overnight, they get dirty gradually. And as you are living in your home every day, it is fair to expect that you do not notice the slow build up. You may mop them on a weekly basis but that will not always remove the stubborn grease build up and it is often hard to see. So as the neglected tiles become dirty, dusty and mouldy, you then create a breeding ground for bacteria. A professional clean using commercial equipment (steam if necessary) will give you peace of mind knowing you have eliminated any of those potential health risks. An occasional intensive clean by the South QLD Restoration team will transform your tiled areas back to how they originally looked, leaving your floors and walls sparkling. Regardless of how hard you mop and scrub, how much ‘elbow grease’ you employ, no bathroom looks more pristine when the stained and dirty grout is back to sparkling. Another added benefit of having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned on a regular basis is you’re your own floor cleaning will be much more manageable resulting in longer periods between us coming in with our gear to give your tiles and grout a boost.

Which areas can receive the hard surface clean?

Whether the floor or wall tiles are ceramic, stone, porcelain or concrete pavers, they will greatly benefit from our intensive cleaning methods. Our system allows us to clean any hard surface area on your property, from bathrooms, toilets and laundries to kitchens, living areas, outdoor patios and paved driveways.

Why it is worth your time to call us.

We are dedicated to helping you keep your floors, upholsteries, bedrooms and fabrics throughout your home healthy, clean, and bacteria free. South QLD Restoration cleaning services are available in all main regions such as; Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Strathpine, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Beenleigh, Jimboomba, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Coolangatta plus all their surrounding suburbs. The solution to difficult hard surface tile and grout cleaning is just a phone call away on 1300 762021


tile cermaic

Ceramic tiles, the popular choice. To clean, mix a mild detergent with hot water and apply with a rag or chamois mop. Not a sponge mop because that pushes dirty water into the grout and soils it. To avoid a cloudy film of dirt refresh your bucket often. If you end up with a hazy film, remove with a non-abrasive cleaner.


tile slate

To keep your slate tiles clean always use a popular PH neutral cleaner. Bleaches and washing up liquids are not neutral and can cause damage to the sealer with prolonged usage. Sealers will wear down over time making cleaning harder so it is recommended to top up your floor sealer once a year with the original sealer.


tile terracotta

Use a purpose branded Tile & Grout cleaner for terracotta tiles because they are porous and sensitive to acids. This product is highly effective and especially formulated to strip off synthetic and acrylic waxes. For stubborn areas of heavy build-up of dirt or sealer you could try a heavy-duty cleaner or a quick call to us for advice.


tile terrazzo

Terrazzo is a hard wearing flooring, hence its use in supermarkets and airports. The most popular terrazzo uses marble chips. Both marble and cement are easily damaged by high alkaline and high acid chemicals. And most generic cleaning products are either highly alkaline or acidic, so they will damage a terrazzo floor.


tile travertine

Travertine is a stone that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely hardy and durable. While it does need to be sealed to prevent staining, regular cleaning is required using a pH neutral cleaner ie; no bleach, acid-based, or abrasive products that could cause damage to the tile’s surface.


tile quarry

If you have an older home you may have quarry tiles. This tile can develop a beautiful finish over time but it can be a bit difficult to clean due to the fact it’s not glazed. So you’ll need to mop up spills quickly so they don’t stain. Primarily, all this floor needs to be clean is a simple mopping with warm water and a strong mop.


tile granite

Clean granite tiles as soon as food or drink is spilled. Use a damp cloth, paper towel or other non-abrasive product to blot the affected area. Never use abrasive sponges or scrubbers. They can leave permanent faint scratch marks on your granite tiles. Red wine, coffee, or grease left in these scratches will begin to stain them.


tile limestone

Cleaning limestone tiles can be a simple task. But they are calcium-based so you need to take care as they’re prone to damage by acid and acidic-based products product. For regular cleaning use a mild or neutral product and every 3 months do a deep clean with high quality alkaline cleaner and a slow speed hand-held buffer.

How to Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles
A Retirement Village located in Orange NSW needed ceramic tile cleaning in one of their units in preparation for handover in coming weeks. The ceramic tiles in this property were particularly dirty. There had also been minor renovations completed recently so there was a significant amount of builder’s dust that needed to be cleared up as well. The team at McArdles Cleaning Services set to work to help bring this property back up to standard by cleaning some very tired and worn ceramic tiles.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Some of the renovations carried out involved replacing the carpet so our technician placed drop sheets on the carpeted areas first to ensure they stayed clean and dust free. The tiles were then dry swept to ensure all thick dust, dirt and large particles were separated and disposed of prior to wetting the floors in the next cleaning steps.

A specialised cleaning solution was applied to all tiled areas before using a special grout broom and scrubbing pads to agitate the area. This technique was used to break down stubborn soiling and lift any dirt particles out from within the grouting of the tiles.

Our rotary dual action machine RX20 was then used to clean the affected areas by applying both high pressure cleaning (with 121 degrees of heat and with pressure between 1000 and 3000 psi) and extraction at the same time.

Due to the extent of dirt and grime on these tiles a dual clean was carried out. This meant that our ceramic tile cleaning process was repeated a second time with an acidic solution for best results.

Upon completion of cleaning ceramic tiles our technician then dry mopped the area ensuring that any excess water was removed and the tiles were left sparkling clean. High speed air movers were then placed strategically around the cleaned tiles to dry all areas.

McArdles Cleaning Services are known for their extensive knowledge, care and quality on how to clean ceramic floor tiles and grout. Next time you get your carpets cleaned by us, simply ask for a tile cleaning demonstration as well so you can see the difference for yourself!

How to Clean Slate Floor Tiles

Recently our services were required in Bathurst NSW. Our client had very tired and worn green slate tiles and wanted them stripped back, thoroughly cleaned and resealed with a high gloss finish.  They had advised us they were contemplating replacing the tiles due to the amount of time and effort it was taking her weekly to keep them clean however, decided to give them one last shot at survival.

How to Clean Slate Floor Tiles Professionally

Our technician began bringing these tiles back to life by first stripping them of any old sealant that was left on the surface. A full thorough clean then took place beginning with a dry sweep of the area to remove dry soils and large particles.  Our specialised alkaline cleaning solution was then applied to the area before agitating with a grout broom and rotary agitation. This technique brings most dirt and grime to the surface and removes any heavy soiling. High pressure cleaning and extraction then followed. This took place using our truck mount machine and a unique tool and attachment which applies a dual action high pressure steam and dirty water extraction simultaneously. The area was then dry mopped and high speed air movers were positioned accordingly and left for some time to ensure it was perfectly dry before the sealing took place.

When our technician was happy to proceed with the sealing he confirmed with the clients what look they were going for one last time. Our clients advised that they wanted a high gloss/wet look finish.

In order for our technician to achieve this look he had to apply three coats of wet look sealer. Upon completion of this job, we requested our clients for a final inspection. Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the end result and could not have been happier. We have since had a call from them as they wanted to thank us again for the amazing job and to inform us that her tiles not only look a million dollars but since our visit it has taken less than half the time to maintain the tiles. This is the process on how to clean slate floor tiles professionally, which majority of your run of the mill house cleaners can’t do.

If your tile floors just look old, worn, dirty and take you way too much time to clean, then you should give us a call on 02 6361 8447. Don’t waste any more precious time as we have the technician and the right cleaning solution for you ready to go.

Maintenance cleaning on hard surface floors is not easy – Wood, Vinyl, Grout and Tile are all very difficult to clean thoroughly. All of these hard flooring require different cleaning frequencies, ranging from weekly to sometimes even daily. Most people are unaware of the correct techniques involved in cleaning hard floors and thus end up with untidy floors or even worse, cause damage to the floors.

It is vital to avoid acid based cleaners, as they cannot clean the floor completely and may even stain or damage the floor (Vinegar etc.). Bleach is also highly ineffective while cleaning hard floors. Disinfectants can clean the floors, but attract soil and other dirt particles afterwards, being positively charged. Cleaners with high alkalinity and methylated cleaners usually leave residues and dull the floors finish. So what is the correct way of cleaning hard floors?

content biosafe naturalclean

The first call of action while cleaning hard floor spills is to mop up the spill immediately. The best way to do this is with the Natural Clean solution and micro fibre mopping systems. The Natural Clean solution is a highly concentrated cleaning agent, therefore it should be used only in a diluted form. Ideally, a spray bottle containing Natural Clean and water in a ratio of 1:80 should be used. This will ensure that the solution does not cause any damage at all to the floor being cleaned. An 8-figure motion should be performed using the Micro fibre mopping system. Care should be taken about the mopping action. There should only be side to side movement in a figure of 8, without forward or backward pushing at all.

For Grout and Tile based hard floors, maintenance cleaning is only required once in several months. Before cleaning, it is advisable to the mop/dust the floor using the Micro Fibre mopping system. The Natural Clean solution should be diluted using warm water, in the same ratio of 1:80. A Grout broom, dipped in the cleaning solution, should be used to rigorously clean the floor area. Any excess solution on the floor can easily be wiped off using the Micro Fibre mopping system.

We also have our Armour Plate Neutral Floor Cleaner which is a concentrated neutral floor cleaner designed for cleaning of all commercial and domestic floor surfaces. It contains surfactant that emulsifies greasy soils and holds them in suspension without redepositing over other areas of the floor or surface being cleaned. It is IDEAL to use on polished floors. It is safe to use on all surfaces, from vinyl to linoleum, slate, terrazzo, marble, sealed timber floors etc.; and is suitable to use with either Auto Scrubbers or manual maintenance cleaning methods.

Mopping system and cleaner available for purchase;

The Micro fibre Spin Mop is a revolution in mopping systems technology. For the first time in Australia there is a mop which allows you to easily control the dampness of the mop head.

Use it dry for dusting or wet for mopping. The patented Spin Mop Spinner rotates at over 2600 revolutions per minute to expel the water from the Micro fibre mop head.

content biosafe naturalclean

Combine this with a circular mop head that can spin 360 Degrees and a handle that will pivot 180 Degrees you can clean any hard floor and into any hard to reach place. The Spin Mop was invented in Taiwan in 2008 and is backed up with a 1 Year Guarantee.

Natural Clean Neutral Cleaner – $77 (5L) / $33 (1L)

This neutral cleaner is suitable for all stone and tiles. The most effective cleaning solution for your tiles. This product is phosphate free and bio-degradable. It leaves little or no residue with powerful surfactants which suspend & lift grease & soils. It dissolves soap scum, mould and mildew. Excellent for glazed or unglazed tiles.

The bathroom is probably the room in your house most in need of deep cleaning. Dirty bathroom tile and grout can really be frustrating because one day the tile is clean and the next day you see the grime seemingly covers the entire bathroom.

Tile and grout cleaning in your shower can be tricky to perform. Grout, in particular, is challenging to clean. Most part of your shower is covered with tile and not the grout. The grout seals the shower tiles together. This is a mixture of sand and binders and it comes in different colours. Since grout is porous in nature, it can attract all the dirty and grimy things in the shower.

Tile grout is neither your friend nor any homeowner’s. Let’s face it. Your grout is usually bright clean, but when dirt and grime accumulates in it, the sight is frustrating. Cleaning your grout is a chore a lot more unbearable since you need to spend hours on your knees.

In order to avoid your grout getting dirty and save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs, you need a professional shower tile and grout cleaning to renew your shower. With McArdles Cleaning Services, you can trust that our certified tile and grout cleaners can restore your tile grout and make it long lasting. Our grout sealing services can protect your investment for many years to come.

The Importance of Cleaning Grout Lines

Grout lines are important to clean, particularly when your shower as natural stones. Using shelf cleaners and mop may appear to work well at the start, but as time goes by, dirt and soil, as well as soap scums, accumulate on grout lines. When this happens, the colour of the grout is changed by the build-up, grout starts to look bland.

McArdles’ Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning

No more weekends on your knees! With McArdles Cleaning Services, you can be assured of sparkling, healthy, and clean tile and grout in your shower. The technology and equipment we use are the latest in the cleaning industry. Our cleaning agents are safe to use and they make our cleaning system more efficient and effective.

Our tile and grout cleaners use a combination of heat, water pressure, vacuuming, and cleaning agents to thoroughly and deeply clean and sanitise your tile and grout. We make sure that all dirt and debris are removed rather than having them deposited in another location of your shower again.

If you suspect you have mould in your shower, our team can also remove it. Mould is an unsightly problem in the shower. If left unsolved, it can spread and cover a large area of the room. Worry no more because our technicians can fix this issue. Call us at 02 6361 8447 for cleaning shower tiles today!

If you live in a house that has wall tiles or happen to work in an office that has them then you will need the services of a good wall tile cleaning company. If you are in Orange & Bathurst then the good news is that your are well taken care of. This is because we at McArdles Cleaning Services are a wall tile and grout cleaning company that operates from Orange in New South Wales. We usually focus on cleaning wall tiles and grout that is in the kitchen, bathroom, toilets as well as any other area within the household or office. Some of the places that get our services include Orange, Bathurst, Blayney, Molong, Parkes, Forbes, Young, Cowra, Lithgow, and surrounding areas.

Here at McArdles Cleaning Services, we take up all jobs with equal passion. There is no task we consider too huge or too small for our company. It does not matter if you want us to come clean tiles in large commercial premises or simply in your home kitchen. Our professional staff will give the job equal amount of thoroughness. We make use of cleaning equipment that has the ability to heat with high temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the best possible results are obtained.

Our highly trained technicians start off by inspecting the area then applying pre-conditioners. This ensures that the dirt is agitated making it easy to remove the soil from the grout lines. High pressure steam is then used to clean off the soil from the wall tiles and grout. The drying is quickly done using high speed air movers.

Here at McArdles Cleaning Services, we can also clean your shower tiles as well as the floor tiles and grout are well cleaned. In the times when you ask us to clean your shower tiles, we make sure we do a complete job by sealing your shower glass, cleaning it as well making use of clear shield protection.

Do you have any questions regarding our services? you can call our offices at 02 6361 8447 and we can give you more information.

McArdles Cleaning Services have long been a trusted choice in tile and grout cleaning for commercial premises.

Among the services we make available to our commercial customers is our expert Commercial tile and grout cleaning. We offer complete tile and grout cleaning solutions delivered by our qualified and highly experienced technicians. With McArdles, after we’ve cleaned your tiles and grouting, we offer post-cleaning treatment solutions to make sure your commercial premises stay clean and maintained until the next time we are needed.

Commercial Tile Cleaning Process

McArdles Cleaning Services offer a thorough seven-step service for your business.

First, we perform a careful pre-inspection of the type and current state of your tiles. Then we move all the furniture necessary to do the job properly. After this we dry sweep and apply a specialised chemical solution, which is tailored to suit your particular type of tiles. Then we use high-pressure temperature and cleaning from our powerful truck mounted steam extraction system. This produces excellent results without any messy water or splashing. Finally, we dry mop your floors and use high-speed air movers to dry the area so you can use the space again, all with minimum interruption.

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Commercial Tile Maintenance

After the cleaning process we can offer a range of commercial tile and grout protection solutions to protect your property. High use areas are among those that benefit from the added protection. Not only do we offer basic grout sealing to protect against liquid damage, we also offer a range of different sealants depending on your aesthetic requirements. You can choose from natural sealants or wet look sealants and you also have the option of recolouring your grout to match décor and tiles. No matter what type of tile or stone you have, McArdles in Orange & Bathurst will be able to create a solution to suit your commercial needs.

By choosing McArdles for your commercial tile and grout cleaning, you are choosing a company that has a wealth of knowledge and experience in cleaning commercial premises.

We genuinely care about your cleaning needs and are always happy to discuss any commercial job, no matter how big or small. Our thorough methods ensure customer satisfaction and we readily guarantee all of our work.

Tile and stone flooring adds beauty and value to your home. As one of the most used items, your tile flooring may get neglected and start to look dull. Many homeowners in Orange & Bathurst prefer tile flooring because it adds styles and it is durable. Although regular cleaning and sanitising help maintain the cleanliness of tiles, this may not be enough to prolong its life.

When you want to make your tile or natural stone flooring last longer, you must invest in tile sealing it on a regular basis. This way your tile floor becomes clean and healthy for your family in the long run. Grout sealant is needed to make it happen. Grout is made of sand and this is used to fill up holes. It must be sealed properly because it is very porous in nature and it can be a perfect surface for bacteria, fungus, mould, and dirt to thrive.

Tile sealing is very important. Tile flooring, particularly in high traffic areas, will be ruined if left untreated. Sealing must be done after your tile is laid if you want to make your flooring stay clean or its colour not fading. This will protect your tiles from stain, spill, and other substances and lessen damage when exposed to high traffic. A sealer can save you thousands in repair and replacement and improve your tile flooring.

Whether you have a beautiful natural stone flooring in your shower or countertops and you want to preserve it for long as possible, you need to provide extra protection with the use of sealant. Sealing a dirty grout should not be done because stains can develop, which will be impossible to remove later. Sealing or resealing grout must be done once a year for high traffic areas and after it has been deep cleaned. Tile flooring with less traffic can be resealed once every four or five years.

Natural stone tiles in your home, in particular, needs sealing. This is extremely important and is needed from new. McArdles Cleaning Services can help with natural stone sealing and grout cleaning. We can maintain the cleanliness of natural stone tile and keep it a beautiful asset for your home.

Tile and natural stone flooring is an investment. Make sure you protect this investment by having your tile floor get what it deserves – professional deep cleaning. This will lengthen its lifespan and make it clean and healthy for your family.

McArdles Cleaning Services can do the backbreaking work of making it clean and sealing it properly afterwards. We use the latest cleaning technology and safe sealants when we seal your tiles and grout and in sealing natural stone tiles. With our professional tile and grout cleaners, your tile gets a brand new look and feel!

Our Hard Surface Cleaning Process


Pre-Inspection Tile Evaluation
On arrival, our trained technicians will carry out a detailed evaluation on your floor type and identify the correct process and cleaning agents to use. This will take a bit of time as they need to identify areas that have stains or heavier build up plus check for any tiles that may be loose or with failing grout.

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Area Preparation / Furniture Moving
In some instances we may not need to move furniture out of the room but instead work around it. Generally one technician can handle furniture moving with the assistance of specially designed furniture straps and furniture sliders. If there are a number of larger or heavier items, we will make sure we have the manpower to handle that without any risk of damage. But generally furniture items that can easily be shifted by one person such as beds, side tables, dressing tables, coffee tables, etc will be moved, and the carpet underneath will be cleaned. However, as noted above, if required we can move heavier items such as pianos, pool tables, dining tables, etc. It is important for you to know that items with a flat surface base that comes into direct contact with the carpets, cannot be moved, and cleaned under, then placed back, as the carpet will not dry in this area which can cause a variety of issues such as colour transfer from the item of furniture to the carpet. We are happy to move such items but you will need to arrange for them to be put back after the carpet is completely dried.

thumbs furniture move


Dry Soil Sweep & Vacuum
We know you have already vacuumed before we arrive but this is an essential step. As such, we use a hospital-grade SEBO, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filtration commercial vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush head. This is a commercial grade machine capable of lifting far more soil and debris than a domestic vacuum cleaner. It is vital that we move any grit and soil to avoid any harsh rubbing compound build up in the cleaning process.

thumbs dry soil removal


Soil Suspension
From the areas identified in the pre-inspection, specialised cleaning agents are applied to those areas to target deep soiling and also assist to lift grime. To protect your tiles and to ensure the best results, we use the highest quality products. The cleaning agent sprayed over the entire surface of your tiles is the most scientifically advanced tile cleaner available to us through our suppliers. Depending on floor area, tile and sealant types, different chemicals are used to match the tile composition.

thumbs soil suspension


Tile Surface Cleaning
Any complex and/or difficult areas identified on your floors are first agitated manually with a brush and for those challenging heavy use areas, a mechanical rotating brush is employed. The entire floor is then cleaned using equipment that is specifically designed for your floors. This process is a no mess or splatter operation which will not affect other areas. Ultimate care and time is taken throughout this process to ensure your satisfaction.

thumbs tile cleaning


Surface Rinsing
Once the tile surface cleaning process is completed we will apply a rinse solution to balance the PH of your floor. This also removes excessive cleaning solutions remaining after the machine has gone over the floors.

thumbs tile rinsing


Dry Mopping
The surface is then towel mop dried to remove all moisture from the main body of the floors. Where possible, we will use the towel cloths to get into corners to dry the tiles and eliminate any ‘wet tile’ odours occurring.

thumbs dry mopping


Replacement of Furniture
Any furniture items that have been shifted are moved back to their original position. Foam blocks and protective tabs are stocked underneath your items to create a layer of protection to ensure no moisture is absorbed into the feet or bases of furniture. These foam blocks can be removed and disposed of when the floors have sufficiently dried.

thumbs furniture return


Air Movers / Drying Fans
These are large commercial grade hot air fans that will run at high speeds to completely dry your floors in every nook and crannie so they are ready to walk on within the hour. Our professionally trained technicians have the experience and knowledge together with being equipped with state-of-the-art drying products that can help dry your floors faster with no moisture residues. This process is not an essential step but certainly greatly increases the evaporation rate and allows access if you need to walk on the floors sooner than the other processes allow.

thumbs air blower


Final Sign Off Inspection
The South QLD Restoration senior technician on site will initiate a walk through and go over results in every room before signing off the project and leaving.

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Additional Services Available

tiles grout sealing

Grout Sealing

We get asked this question often; Should grout be sealed? The answer is a resounding 100% yes! Grout needs protection if you want it to look clean and to be easily cleaned. To protect the grout from absorbing dirt and grease it is better to seal it with a penetrating sealer. This will ensure you have the stain resistance and protection before your grout begins to discolour and stain.

dollor icon

Price upon quotation and inspection.


tiles acid wash

Aggressive Treatment

For grout that is older or left uncleaned for too long it will require an aggressive treatment to get it back near to what it was originally. Generally, if the grout is in poor condition it is likely the tiles will also need the same attention. It is always better to use the professionals for this work as it often requires an application of acid or alkaline depending what level of cleaning is required. With almost all grout and tiles requiring the aggressive treatment we start with an alkaline and then an acid and then, if required, we use a booster. This process will ensure the best possible finish for the stubborn areas or tired looking tiles.

dollor icon

Large Tiles @ $3.00 per m²
Medium Tiles @ $4.00 per m²
Small Tiles @ $5.00 per m²
tiles sealing

Tile Sealing

Your flooring is the most used and the most neglected. Many homes have tiles mainly for their durability and the low maintenance. But not as low as many presume. Whilst you regularly clean and sanitise your tiles and grout, this may not be enough to prolong the life of your flooring. All tiles can benefit from undergoing treatment which provides a protective layer on the tile and helps to provide an additional shine to the tiles. Save yourself from replacing your tiles prematurely. Having a seal professionally applied to your tiles will keep your tiles looking newer for longer.

dollor icon

Price upon application required


tiles grout recolouring

Grout Recolouring

This process is also known as Grout Colour Sealing, Grout Colouring or Grout Paint    Being a very absorbent surface grout means it will soak up bacteria, dirt and grease.     This process involves the application of a colourant and sealant which will give a consistent uniform colour to restore the appearance of the grout. Using our professional service for this project will seal your grout and keep it stain resistant for a period in excess of 15 years

dollor icon

Large Tiles @ $15.00 per m²
Medium Tiles @ $20.00 per m²
Small Tiles @ $25.00 per m²

100 Guarantee

Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

  • We offer a prompt and professional service.
  • We continue to invest heavily back into our business to ensure we always have the very best of floor cleaning equipment available.
  • All technicians are fully trained and attend refresher courses on a regular basis.
  • Technicians also attend information seminars for new product releases.
  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We offer free deodorising with all floor surface cleaning work.
  • After Hours Emergency Services available and just one call away.

South QLD Restoration are a well-respected floor care company in all of South East Queensland and in any other regions to which we have contracted our services. We are one of the leading carpet and tile cleaning companies in our industry and take immense pride in the testimonials we hold as furnished by hundreds of satisfied customers.