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Residential Carpet Cleaning – Dry Fusion Premium Carpet Clean

Dry Fusion Premium Carpet Clean

Dry Fusion Premium Clean

Are you disappointed with the carpet cleaning professionals you hire procedure not delivering the results you want? This is the perfect time to choose our dry fusion premium carpet clean. If you live in Brisbane or Gold Coast, make sure to hire reputed and experienced carpet cleaners from South QLD Restoration for the best result.

We are one of the most efficient dry fusion premium carpet cleaning company who has the advanced technology and effective solution, leaving you with a beautiful and attractive carpet. Our dry fusion premium carpet clean does not require the entire carpet to be soggy and dries quickly, sometimes within 30 minutes. This is possible because of our revolutionary rotary dry cleaner that has a heating system for drying the carpet while cleaning it. So now you can understand the efficiency of the machine that we use in our dry fusion premium carpet clean. This machine is capable of both cleaning and drying the carpet simultaneously without additional time or effort.  Hence, you don’t have to wait for days for the carpet to be completely dry before using.  This process is also applicable for soft material, as it does not hamper the carpet fibres while cleaning.

This is the perfect time to treat your carpets with extreme care by utilising our dry fusion premium carpet cleaning procedure. You will never find another company like us utilising different carpet cleaning solution specifically meant for your carpet cleaning requirements. This service is specifically for those who require the utmost care for their carpet. We follow specific steps for premium carpet cleaning.  We also emphasise on different stains and marks so that your carpet looks similar to a brand new one. You will not receive anything close to our level of service in the market. We take great care to remove any grease, food marks and tough dirt.

We guarantee the driest Carpet ever

South QLD Restoration has perfect determination to offer the driest and cleanest carpet possible. You can get our service in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Dry fusion premium carpet clean leaves a thin coating that helps to protect the carpet from dirt and stain. The coating will last for a long time and the carpet will stay devoid of dirt accumulation. An element called stain blocker is applied that saves your carpet from accidental spills of food and liquid.

Steps of our dry fusion premium carpet clean

As stated, there are different steps for the perfect dry fusion premium carpet cleaning process.  We will be discussing all of the steps for your better understanding:

  1. Inspection and evaluation

After you call our experts, a team of cleaners will visit your property for a proper evaluation and inspection of the carpets. Based on the evaluation, the cleaning methodology will be investigated. The experts will inspect the carpet construction, type of fibre, age, the intensity of stains and marks on the carpet and any other issue that is reversible. At the end of the inspection, the team will give the quotation of cleaning and the list of cleaning methods suiting your requirement.

  1. Moving any furniture

When you approve of the quotation, the next step is coming to your property with all the equipment and solutions. After entering a property, the first thing we do is remove any furniture that sits upon the carpet. We will make sure that the carpet is not obstructed under any circumstances. We will remove light furniture efficiently to expose the carpet. However, if there is any heavy furniture like wardrobesor electronic gadgets like a TV cabinet, we recommend you hire professionals and remove them carefully before we enter your premises. For example, we can remove side tables and coffee tables, but we don’t have the capabilities to remove or dismantle a TV cabinet or a bed. Additionally, if there is something above the carpet that cannot be shifted to anywhere else, that part of the carpet cannot be treated and can be affected by colour transfer from the furniture to the material. You don’t have to worry about the steps as our experts will tell you exactly what preparation steps are required and what we will cover under dry fusion premium carpet clean when they visit your home.

  1. Vacuuming

The initial step of carpet cleaning is vacuuming. South QLD Restoration uses an industrial graded vacuum cleaner that can vacuum out even the stickiest dust from the carpet fibres. We use a rotary brush head that attracts even the smallest particles and is effective up to 80% in suctioning out debris. The high-power vacuum cleaner is effective to extract deep in the bottom of the fibres.

  1. Spot treatment

The next phase of dry fusion premium carpet clean in Brisbane and Gold Coast is spot treatment. This is perfectly applicable to remove any spot or mark from the carpet. At first, we use hot water to break down the soil and then use specific cleaning agents to remove the spot altogether. We treat spots from food spills, liquor, grease and mud.

  1. Rotary dry fusion cleaning

Rotary dry fusion cleaning is an accumulation of different steps that includes cleaning, drying and deodorising. With this process, your carpet will be ready for use within 30 minutes after the cleaning procedure. You would never like a soggy carpet that requires days to be perfectly dry. In addition, if the carpet is not dried completely it becomes a breeding ground to moulds and fungus. With dry fusion cleaning, none of this issue will arise and your carpet will feel fresh and clean.

  1. Deodorising and Neutralizing

Neutralization is done to ensure that the pH level of the carpet remains neutral and has longer durability. Deodorising is essential to bring freshness to your carpet and also to eliminate any bad odour or smells. You will experience a fresh and comfortable environment. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of deodorising fragrance that we have available.

  1. Rotary dry padding

For additional drying, South QLD Restoration uses an effective rotary dry padding which ensures that there is no wetness left behind in the carpet fibres. This is also effective in removing any residue of soil that might be existing, even after cleaning. Discolouration can also occur if there is any residue of soil, and dry padding affirms that this doesn’t happen. After this process, you will get a bright and vivid carpet that transforms the entire look and feel of the room.

  1. Getting everything back to its original place

Our trained cleaners will put back everything in its place before leaving your property. For additional safety, we put foam blocks and protective tabs under the furniture to prevent any damage to the carpet due to pressure from the items. You can remove them if you want later when the carpet is completely dry.

For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 762 021 or reach us through info@southqldrestoration.com.au. Our experts will reply as soon as possible and help you analyse your carpet.

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