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Residential Carpet Cleaning – Dry Fusion Carpet Clean

Dry Fusion Carpet Clean

Dry Fusion Carpet CleanDry fusion carpet cleaning is a very effective method for the natural and modern-day carpet fibres. When you choose to utilise this kind of carpet cleaning procedure, you don’t have to think or worry about the pH level of the cleaning solution. In most cases, the pH level of the cleaning solution must stay neutral as alkaline nature can hamper the durability of your carpet fibres and overall carpet health. Utilising dry fusion carpet clean in your Brisbane or Gold Coast home does not even require additional water flushing, which will save time and energy.

Soaking of the carpet or spraying can deteriorate the health of the carpet and fibres, which are very delicate in nature. Additionally, utilisation of wrong detergents can lead to sticking of detergent particles along with dirt and soil to the carpet fibres.

Traditional carpets are woven out of natural fibres and so require immense care and careful handling. Dry fusion carpet cleaning will offer an amazing result that removes any soil and dirt while keeping the carpet fibres soft and moisture-free. There is no need to make the carpet soaking wet and so, it is easier to dry out the material which takes only a couple of hours. South QLD Restoration makes sure that your carpet stays fresh, clean and healthy for a long time.  South QLD Restoration also offers deodorisation that removes any unwanted odour from the carpet fibres.

Dry fusion carpet cleaning has a long-lasting effect on any kind of carpet. It keeps the carpet soft and secures the colour, while also preventing it from fading after cleaning. Many of our clients have opted for our dry fusion carpet clean as it is a low moisture procedure that is effective on even the toughest stains.

What is a dry fusion carpet clean?

Dry fusion carpet cleaning is a combined effort created with Australian and German technology. This is an all in one carpet cleaning system that can perform cleaning, deodorising, quick drying, stain removal and prevention, and give out a fresh and clean carpet always. The process involves a combined effort of hot water extraction and dry cleaning. The entire system depends on the revolutionary hot pad rotary system that is fast, reliable and safe for the carpet and dwellers.

To begin with, the dry fusion carpet cleaning procedure is a combination of three sections that is – an advanced machine, environment-friendly cleaning solution and a stain protector that prevents any further staining of the carpet for longer. The equipment heats up to 85 degrees Celsius which blocks stains while cleaning the carpet fibres and dries quickly. The machine hovers over the carpet extracting any soil from the fibres through the yarn-cleaning pad that rotates continuously. It does not require water extraction and is completely pH balanced. The process is more of a traditional carpet cleaning system.

Dry fusion carpet cleaning was specifically designed to accommodate the various kinds of carpet categories manufactured today. It is effective on both short and densely packed fibres. If you try to clean the carpet yourself, you are much more likely to leave the carpet wet and soggy for a long time. This results in a damp carpet that takes a longer time to dry and even restricts proper airflow.  Traditional or home remedies are ineffective in extracting all the dirt thereby opening a possibility of residue being left behind.

Unlike the traditional method, with the utilisation of dry friction carpet cleaning, your carpet will be ready for use within an hour.  You will have a clean, fresh and safe carpet with this process.

What is the process to start dry fusion carpet?

Certain steps make the process easy and most effective. This is why South QLD Restoration adheres to all the steps chronologically.

Inspection and free quote–Our no obligation free inspection is always the first step towards efficient carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners will visit your property and evaluate the condition of the carpet and its fibres. They will also detect spot and stain for correct methodology.

Spot removal – Different combinations of detergents are used for spot removal depending on the type of fibre. There might be a mixture of agents for the best result and specific spot and stain removal.

Dry and fusion carpet cleaning – This is the main procedure in our dry fusion cleaning service. In this step, dirt and soil gets separated using special pads. The procedure also removes bacteria and moulds from the carpet fibres.

Dry pad application – The work of carpet cleaning is not finished until your carpet it is completely dry. The rotary dry pad removes any wetness left in the carpet. This procedure also enhances the vividness of the carpet exponentially.

Final touch –For our final touch, our trained cleaners will make sure that there are no signs of cleaning and even make sure the carpet is completely dry. After the conclusion of our work, you will receive a carpet having all the right and attractive features that will enhance the aesthetics of your property and even provide warmth in the room.

Benefits of dry fusion Carpet cleaning

There are different benefits of dry fusion carpet cleaning for your rugs and fragile carpets. Some of them are:

  • The carpets will be ready for use within 30 minutes of cleaning
  • You will not experience any form of shrinkage
  • We use eco-friendly solutions that are non-hazardous for the environment and human
  • Immaculate cleaning
  • Your carpet will stay fresh and spotless for a longer time
  • Dry fusion carpet clean service can also be used for maintenance purpose
  • We use noise controlled machine
  • The process is fit for wool, nylon and polypropylene materials

We offer the safest and cleanest carpet each time

Our dry fusion carpet clean service in Brisbane and Gold Coast is one of the latest technologies in the carpet cleaning sector. It has the capability to remove even the heaviest soil from the fibres keeping the pH level neutral. Solutions with high alkaline property can damage the fibres, which is why we recommend this procedure. We even use an additional activator that has natural vanilla and orange extracts which acts as a deodoriser to remove any odour from the carpet. This can be especially important in properties that have pets or infants.

Organise a no obligation free quote by calling our office at 1300 762 021. You can also contact us through our email info@southqldrestoration.com.au.

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