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Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

A carpet requires proper maintenance throughout its lifetime to extend its durability and keep it fresh for a long time. Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, you might need to seek assistance from a commercial carpet maintenance company who will make sure that the carpet stays in its best form even under the influence of high amounts of foot traffic.

Our commercial carpet maintenance service company in Brisbane or Gold Coast will have the carpet or rugs thoroughly clean and also give you an affordable and effective maintenance program that will attend to your needs and not be heavy for your pocket. Carpet cleaning maintenance programs are tailor-made to suit the requirement of your office and the intensity of dust it attracts. After contacting us, for carpet maintenance, we will be visiting your office on the agreed date and provide a top-up clean so that the carpet stays in its best form and does not look dirty or soggy.

When your carpet looks the best it not only creates a positive first impression for your employees, but your business attracts goodwill from your clients and guests. You will also be giving more life to your carpet when you treat it with care and under trained hands. In the long run, you will be saving money by regularly maintaining the condition.

South QLD Restoration understands the value of time and money and so offers a personalised carpet maintenance program that suits the budget for all businesses. We use a hot water extraction system that involves a low moisture process and dries within a couple of hours meaning your carpet is ready for use quicker. With your carpet ready within one or two hours, there is minimal disruption to your productivity and your employees can get back to work without any issue. If you require a complete disruption-free commercial carpet maintenance service, we can do it for you after hours when your employees leave the company premises and the floor will be completely empty for us to carry on smooth processing.

Processes that we practice

Depending on the traffic soil accumulating, we create a customised plan for carpet maintenance. For instance, if the soil residue found on the carpet is light, we would recommend a daily vacuum at the entrance and two lots of vacuuming at other parts of the office weekly. You can ask for spot cleaning as and when required. You can also use our deep cleaning service once annually.

If the soil residue is medium then daily vacuuming of the entry floor and the entrance is necessary. Spot removal can be required daily with twice deep cleaning annually.

In case of heavy soil residue in the carpet, we prefer vacuuming twice daily and deep cleaning 5 times a year.

The purpose of commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance

Commercial carpets are not the same size or category as residential carpets and it is quite an investment for any business of office. Carpets enhance the overall aesthetics of the office along with shaping the image of the business. However, when a carpet is laid in an office space, it is generally neglected which reduces the life expectancy drastically. Over time, the carpet will look dirty and also affect the environment of the office and the people visiting your business. Hence, you should make a consistent effort to keep the carpet in good shape. One such effort is commercial carpet maintenance in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. South QLD Restoration offers a personalised service to suit your budget.

 Why you should undertake a carpet maintenance program:

  • It enhances the life expectancy of your carpet significantly
  • Purifies the indoor air quality
  • Productivity increases drastically with a clean carpet
  • Incorporates a sense of good health
  • Ensures sanitisation and hygiene
  • Spot and stain removal along with restricting any further damage to the carpet
  • Hazard prevention
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Removes any allergic pollutants
  • Positive good first impression because of a cleaner carpet
  • Improve employees morale
  • Changes the overall look of the business

Kind of service under commercial carpet maintenance

Our commercial carpet maintenance program consists of five elements:

Soil Prevention

If you are able to prevent the soil from transferring on to the carpet, your carpet will look fresh and clean for a long time. Soil prevention is a cost-effective method through which you can maintain a clean carpet and prevent any damage as well.

Use of doormats – if you have an indoor and outdoor mat you will be preventing a lot of soil from being transmitted to the carpet. An outdoor mat is capable of scraping any dirt and mud from shoes. When you step in, the indoor mat removes any smaller particles like oil and liquids. A good mat is capable of removing 80% of the soil and moisture and so is a better option to prevent your carpet from being damaged or getting dirty.

Keeping the parking lots clean – if the parking lots and sidewalks are clean, tracking of debris becomes easy.

Replacing air filters – airborne contaminants pollute the indoor air and one of the best ways to keep it under control is by replacing air filters whenever dirty.

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of a carpet removes most of the dry soil and keeps it fresh and clean for longer. Vacuuming minimises the dirt built up and also the carpet pile. Daily vacuuming is essential in a commercial environment.

Stain removal

In case of an accidental spill or staining, it should be attended to as soon as possible. The more it remains in the place, the tougher it is to remove. If the stain is not removed quickly, it leaves a mark.  South QLD Restoration recommends timely spot removal response so that the stain does not leave a permanent mark.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a hot water extraction procedure that removes any form of soil and dirt from the carpet. The entire process is a high-intensity method that gives the ultimate result. The regularity of the process depends on different factors like the intensity of maintenance, foot traffic volume and what you want.We prefer to use this process as it gives the ultimate result, guaranteed. The process can remove soil and dirt even from the roots of the carpet fibre that is hard to reach.

We recommend you hire trained and experienced commercial carpet maintenance experts so that your office carpet remains in its best form at all times. For an affordable price contact us on 1300 762 021. We will send out our cleaning experts for an initial inspection and provide you with a no-obligation free quote. You can also send us your queries at our email address info@southqldrestoration.com.au. So, call us right now and see what we can do for your commercial carpet!

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