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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Servicing The Main Centres and Outlying Suburbs of Brisbane | Gold Coast | Sunshine Coast

South QLD Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet CleaningFor customers requiring commercial carpet cleaning services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast and all surrounding regions, we now offer a cost-effective commercial carpet cleaning service to businesses of all sizes and all industries. Our mobile team of professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest technology for effective, eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment that enable them to carry out a thorough cleaning job on any commercial or industrial carpet.

Whether you want an office ‘spring clean’ to remove ingrained stains or a regular ongoing cleaning service, calling South QLD Restorations is your best move because we know we have the service to suit you.

Why Choose a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service?

Most offices have a either a caretaker, cleaner or an outsourced cleaning service. These are great at cleaning toilets, dusting desks and vacuuming carpets, but when it comes to proper carpet cleaning, they often fall short mainly due to their lack of the right equipment. Office and industrial carpets pick up an enormous amount of dirt through continued foot traffic at a level way higher than residential carpets. Plus there always seems to be the mandatory stains from tea, ink and food.

Without professional cleaning by technicians who have been consistently trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning, office carpets can also become home to a range of parasites, including fleas, lice and skin mites. Only a professional commercial cleaning service using the right equipment and skill set can guarantee the deep clean necessary to restore your carpets to pristine condition.

Benefits of Using South QLD Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Having clean office carpets in good condition can give your entire working environment a much-needed lift. Dirty carpets make a terrible first impression on visitors, while clean carpets do a lot to improve the overall atmosphere and appearance of the office. Beyond this, clean carpets give the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of allergies among staff
  • Your carpets last longer, requiring less investment in repairs or replacements
  • Good first impression on visitors
  • Helps remove odours from the office

And Why Should You Use South QLD Restoration as Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals?

  • Our national carpet cleaning service is economical and convenient.
  • We are available to come out to resolve emergencies at any time of day.
  • We can always schedule our clean to fit in with your business hours thereby avoid any disruptions and allow plenty of time for your carpets to dry.
  • We can Steam Clean, or Dry Clean your carpets depending on the climate at the time and/or your need to get back into the workload and walk on the cleaned carpets.
  • We are easily contacted and are always willing to offer advice over the phone.

For further information, please call us on 1300 762 021 for a quick chat or, if you prefer, fill out our enquiry form and one of our experienced team will get back to soon after reading your enquiry.

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Pre-Inspection Carpet Evaluation
On arrival, our trained technicians will carry out a detailed cleaning evaluation on your carpets. From that they can identify your carpet composition, carpet fibre, and approximate age. A further stain and spot survey together with observing any problem areas will then determine what needs to be cleaned and the best type of cleaning method of service together with product solutions that best suits your carpets.

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Pre-conditioning and spot treatment
To avoid any conflict with your carpet composition and fibres we will apply pre-conditioning agents to the carpet which starts breaking down the soil particles ready for the carpet cleaning machine. All team members are fully qualified to detect any trouble spots and to know how best to address them. Our spot removal is applying particular attention to the removal of common marks such as mud, food and grease.

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Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning
We have a large inventory of carpet cleaning machines each for a particular project. For residential cleans we use the most recent model hot water extraction (steam cleaning) machine, so we know that we can ensure high levels of heat and suction, which will go a long way to enhancing the final results. It is a large truck mounted steam extraction machine which in itself is very expensive but we know it is well worth the money we paid. It is right up the top of the quality list for high heat powerful semi-portable carpet cleaning machines. South QLD Restorations will leave your carpets clean, dry and fresh. Just as you would expect them to be.

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Deodorising and Neutralising
Your carpets are neutralised with a neutraliser to ensure your carpet is not left sticky, and the PH range of the carpet is at an acceptable level to avoid future odour problems. You may also decide to choose from our extensive range of scented fragrances to deodorise your carpets leaving the entire house smelling fresh and just adding that finishing touch.

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100 Guarantee

Why Choose South QLD Restoration?

  • We offer a prompt and professional service.
  • We continue to invest heavily back into our business to ensure we always have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
  • All technicians are fully trained and attend refresher courses on a regular basis.
  • Technicians also attend information seminars for new product releases.
  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
  • After Hours Emergency Services available and just one call away.

South QLD Restoration are a well-respected carpet care company in all of South East Queensland and in any other regions to which we have contracted our services. We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in our industry and take immense pride in the testimonials we hold as furnished by hundreds of satisfied customers.