Carpet Repair Ipswich

Patch Carpet RepairsOur expert carpet repairs save you time and money

With our carpet repair services, you don’t have to rip up an entire room worth of carpet and replace it! Our experienced team have the industry knowhow to replace damaged carpet whether the damage is big or small.

Our Brisbane carpet repair specialists can help with the following issues:

  • Carpet burns
  • Carpet patch work
  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet re-laying
  • Carpet joining

Carpet Repairs BrisbaneOur “invisible mending” carpet repair technique makes your carpet look brand new

Don’t pay for new carpet when a simple fix could be all you need! When it comes to carpet repairs our most popular technique is the invisible mending technique. This allows us to remove the area damaged carpet and seamlessly replace it with a new piece of carpet. Due to availability we may not have the same carpet available, and in this circumstance, we can take carpet from areas like the wardrobe to complete the repair.

Carpet Repairs Gold CoastIf necessary, our skilled team can also completely replace your carpet

Our skilled team are also qualified and experienced in carpet laying. If your carpet has been severely damaged or you are just looking to update it, chat to us about what we can do for you. We offer both single room or whole building carpet laying services for both residential and commercial properties in Brisbane and beyond.

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Carpet Laying

Whether you’re in Brisbane or beyond, we’re always available to come to your residential or commercial property to give you an obligation free, free quote for our carpet repair services. Contact us today!