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Carpet cleaning for your Brisbane Home

Carpet can be a great addition to your Brisbane home, it’s soft under foot and can provide style and elegance.

It’s no secret that carpet is a lot more comfortable than wooden floorboards and tiles. A good quality carpet can be noise absorbing and add a cosy feel. Keeping your carpet clean is easy, with regular vacuuming you can keep the décor looking good, however you will need to consider a professional carpet clean every 6 – 12 months to freshen up your carpet and keep it looking and smelling clean.

Deep Cleaning Doesn’t Need to Wait for Spring

Much like anything in your home, a deep clean is essential at least once or twice a year, and your carpet is no exception. Since your carpet is a large surface area in your home, maintaining it is integral to the overall look and feel of your room.

Why not book in for a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning service, and tick one more thing off your to-do list.

Why do I need a carpet cleaning service I can trust for my Brisbane Home?

Good quality carpeting is expensive, but if well-maintained it can be a great investment. Choose a carpet cleaning company that you can trust. South Qld Restorations have been providing reliable carpet cleaning services since 1993; we are fully trained, fully licensed and insured.

  • When you buy carpeting, your warranty might be void if you aren’t maintaining your carpet with annual carpet cleaning, it’s always good to check the small print.
  • Carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpet, and it will stay looking good for longer.
  • Are those unsightly spots and stains dragging down the appearance of your home? Carpet cleaning can remove those stains in many cases.
  • Carpets hold dust, dirt and debris, and if your carpet is not professionally cleaned regularly it can lead to an unhealthy build-up of bacteria and allergens.
  • A clean and fresh carpet not only feels and smells great, it looks good too.

We provide residential carpet cleaning for:

  • Apartments
  • Units
  • Townhouses
  • Standalone homes
  • and more

We Also Provide Professional Rug Cleaning Services

At South QLD Restoration, we also specialise in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning. We appreciate that your Oriental and Persian rugs can be extremely valuable, and with our training and expertise we’ll ensure your rug is cleaned with the utmost care.

We Are Experienced with Both Dry and Wet Carpet Cleaning Methods

When hiring a carpet cleaning service, make sure they can provide you with the option of wet or dry carpet cleaning. At South QLD Restoration, we don’t have a one service fits all approach. We’ll assess your carpet before you begin to ensure we use the right method for the type of carpet you have.

Carpet Deodorising

Carpet absorbs smells and over time these smells can start to have an effect on the overall smell of your home or office. Our carpet deodorising service helps you enjoy fresher smelling carpet for longer and is perfect for smokers and pet owners.

Carpet Cleaning for your Brisbane Home

Keep your home looking and smelling clean with regular carpet cleaning from South Qld Restoration. We have a range of services available including carpet repairs, water damage, tile cleaning, mould removal, upholstery cleaning, pest control, tile repairs, pressure cleaning and other special services in the Brisbane area.

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