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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Brisbane, then look no further. South Queensland Restorations offer a wide range of professional carpet cleaning services within the greater Brisbane areas.

South Queensland Restorations provide quality Brisbane carpet cleaning, as well as servicing Gold Coast, carpet cleaning provided includes commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning and rug cleaning with technicians specialising in carpet deodorising and methods of either wet or dry carpet cleaning.

We understand that your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance, and therefore only use 100% safe, state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals to ensure your family and pets are safe from harmful chemical remnants.

We customise our professional and best carpet cleaner services to suit each individual client, as we understand that no two services are alike. Our types of services include:


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

We operate by applying either a wet or dry method, to clean any commercial carpet space, whether it be in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, banks, shops or other commercial businesses, no space is too big or too small.

We can offer cleaning maintenance and contract cleaning on a regular basis or specialty services like carpet repairs, rug cleaning or stain removal as needed.

Flexible to suit your businesses working hours, we can work outside of your working day 7 days a week to ensure your workplace isn’t disturbed.


Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

We are the best carpet cleaner in SouthEast Queensland, operating 7 days a week to provide carpet cleaning in your home fitting into your schedule. With either dry or wet cleaning, we can also provide rug cleaning for area rugs or mats. We also offer special treatments for pet owners that treat their furry friends as members of the family and can have urine stains and pet hair removed while your carpet is being cleaned.


Rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning Before and After

Area rugs of any description can all be cleaned with the same process as any carpet cleaning, just with an added little extra TLC.

South Queensland Restorations specialise in Oriental rug cleaning, allowing you to be confident that extra special care will be taken in the cleaning process of you delicate Oriental or Persian rugs. Not only are our licensed carpet cleaning technicians insured, but they understand the importance of care to be taken whilst cleaning your rug no matter the size or type.

Oriental Rug Washing


Dry or Wet cleaning

There are generally two different methods for carpet cleaning. Depending on your carpets materials and style, for a professional clean either a wet or dry method will be applied.

Dry method cleaning incorporates the use of an absorbent compound that consists of a detergent, solvent and a small amount of water to dry clean your carpet. The advantage of dry method cleaning is little drying time due to a small amount of water used.

Dry and Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet method cleaning essentially is shampooing your carpet; a foamy cleaner is applied to the carpet, which once dry is vacuumed. A disadvantage of this method is the carpet must be fully dried before it can be used and walked on.

Both methods are highly effective, however, every client differs in their preference and, depending on the type of carpet that you have, our licensed operators can provide you with free advice on which to use.


Carpet deodorising

Carpet DeodorisingWhilst having your carpet cleaned, there is the added option to have them deodorised too. Not only does deodorising increases the time between professional cleans, it also keeps carpets healthier and smelling fresh for longer. Whether it be a pet in the home or smoking in an office or restaurant, carpets take on these unpleasant odours for which they must be rid of, South QLD can quickly and easily rid your carpets of odours whilst cleaning them.


Whether you are Brisbane or Gold Coast based, South Queensland Restorations can provide you with a professional carpet cleaning service to suit your needs. Looking for the best carpet cleaner? Call South Queensland Restorations now on either 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182 (for all hours), or for a quote enquire now.

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